Historical Landmarks In Quirino Province

The Quirino Province surely is an underrated place here in the Philippines and if you find the province interesting, fun, and nature-friendly with minimal downsides of the place then you have hit the jackpot! Quirino province beholds a lot of tourist spots historically valuable to Quirino Province people so this is the list for you to look out for in the province.

Quirino province will give you the best outdoor experience, especially for nature lovers!

What Lies In Quirino Province?

Governor’s Rapid

Starting the list with some kayaking and rafting adventures only here in Quirino Province. With the bluest of water and the greenest of trees, you really are going into a fresh, relaxing, and adventurous ride.

Aglipay Caves

Next up is the eight-chambered cave with prehistoric rock formation. It really is historical to cruise inside the cave. Don’t fear the cave because all you could see is stalagmites and stalactites with a tour guide. Plus the plot twist of squeezing yourself to force your way out the cave.

Mabo Falls

This falls hits two birds with one stone because in order to reach the falls, you have to trekk for a couple of hours and what’s nicer than to reward yourself with a cold splash from a falls after walking and tiring yourself? Quirino Province is such a wonderful place to visit.

Junuan Falls

Looks like Quirino Province never fails to impress us, another falls and this one is a smaller falls but it is very easy to access since the location of the falls is near the main road of the province. A nice quick rinse from this falls and a picture from its peak is actually worth it.

Quirino Province Museum

The museum’s purpose is to portray the lives of Quirinians since the province began. What do you expect to see in the museum? Well there are plenty of potteries, hand-made bags, woven clothes, and weapons. All of these differ from each tribe which shows the diversity of ethnic groups in the province.

Panagdadapun Festival

What is the festival for? It is to celebrate the date when the province was founded (10th of September) and it means that everybody is gathered on that day with special colorful parades, icebreakers, and wonderful clothing garments worn by performers.

Mactol Falls

Another waterfall from Quirino province with yet another trekk but shorter this time but the view is just mesmerizing. I will recommend this because you and your family will enjoy taking a break from walking and take a snack and even swim at the bottom of the falls.

Quirino Watersports Complex

Another famous tourist destination in Quirino Province is its watersports complex where wakeboarding, surfing, and indoor sports take place. Festivals, events, and games are held here. Do not miss the chance to go here and give yourself fulfillment.

Key Takeaway

This list is not even close to the end, it will just go on and on because this province has a lot to present you in its pocket, not to mention the food, hotel, and hospitality of residents there. Just remember to stay safe and enjoy every bit of it. Keep your curiosity fighting so that you can discover more gems here in the Philippines.