Hiring Skip Bins in Rockingham – Where Do You Start?

Time Business News — Whether you’re looking to simply have a big garden cut-back, clean out the garage or cut down on excess items before moving home, hiring a skip bin is likely going to be a crucial element of getting the process kick-started. If you’re not working in an industry where you’re constantly needing to hire a skip bin, this is likely only an annual occurrence (if that!) so you’re going to want to be armed with some basic information and facts before you search for skip bins in Rockingham. 


skip bins rockingham

What is a Skip Bin?

Let’s start with the basics – what actually is a skip bin? That’s a great question, Well a skip bin from Kwik Skips is a beautiful bright red (and freshly painted!) skip bin that sits in your front yard on a day of your choice. The skip will remain there for 1-7 days, depending on how long you need it for. You’ll then be greeted by one of our friendly, wonderful drivers who will arrive to pick up your skip hassle-free! 


How Big are Skip Bins?

If you’ve never hired a skip bin before then it may be difficult to choose what size you need. You don’t want to hire a bin too small and have to do the job twice or spend the money to have a secondary skip bin delivered to your home. But on the same line of thinking, you don’t want to hire a size that’s far more than you actually need for the job. Luckily, there’s a huge variety of different skip bin sizes – with and without ramps – at your disposal (pun intended). Here at Kwik Skips, we have a wide range of skip bin sizes starting at a 2.5m3 skip and going all the way up to a 10m3 skip. The skip bins that fall in between those sizes are 3m3, 4m3, 6m3, 8m3 and a 9m3. Now, there’s likely a chance that those are just a lot of numbers that might mean nothing to you, so we’ve put together a nifty infographic that helps you on how to choose the right size for skip bin


As a general rule of thumb, if you’re tossing up between two sizes it’s always best to go for the one up. The reason for this being is that the relatively minor cost of getting a slightly bigger bin will always be significantly less than the cost of having to order an entirely separate skip. With that being said, if you do require your skip to be emptied and replaced, our team is more than happy to promptly do this for you. Our friendly staff are also happy to guide you on what size of bin would best suit you. 


How Much Does it Cost to Get a Skip Bin in Rockingham? 

It’s no surprise that the cost of a skip bin can vary a lot depending on the suburb that you live in. When looking to hire skip bins, Rockingham residents would have to fork out for additional charges for the distance covered, depending on which provider they choose. Luckily, there is a family-owned, trusted and reputable skip bin company based right here in Rockingham – Kwik Skips! We pride ourselves on offering great prices and even better service to our locals. We also extend our top-notch service to a huge variety of suburbs from Scarborough to Mandurah! Unlike other companies, you can expect a fully transparent quote from Kwik Skips that includes all internal costs such as tipping fees, fuel costs and more – this means absolutely no hidden fees or charges! Please note that costs will inevitably differ if you’re disposing of hazardous waste or any special items. 


To get a price for a skip bins in Rockingham, feel free to jump on our website and do the FREE quote that we offer or give us a call at (08) 9528 2272 and we will happily provide you with an all-inclusive quote.