Hiring in an exhibition company

With so many exhibition design companies seemingly offering the same service and products, how on earth can you choose the one that going to be best for you? Take it from us, if you look beyond the surface you will see very important differences. Knowing these will make an informed decision a whole lot easier too.

Look further than a trade show

On first glance an exhibition stand can look great. But you will be surprised how many on closer inspection fail even the most basic health and safety tests. Plenty of modular system constructions can be rushed, put together badly or just designed incorrectly. Get your chosen company checked out by an accredited organisation to make sure they can deliver something that is safe AND looks great.

Assess budget

Yes all exhibition design companies we love the idea of an ‘infinite budget’. That said, its’ just not economically possible for the clients we serve on a daily basis. The hard facts are that the stand design needs to look as good as possible. Though within a budget set by you – the customer. Yes an 80″ LCD plasma screen will look great, but can the same effect be achieved by an 80″ HD projector? Yes the latex finish will look great on that Foamex, but will it stay that way beyond the first day of the show? Get a guarantee from your exhibition design company that they will stay within the budget you have set – after all it’s your money!

Make sure you get a return on your investment – this is key

Many exhibition design companies are incredibly short sighted. Also, many won’t actually look at the impact the stand should be making on your customers. At the end of the day SALES LEADS are the reason you’re at the trade show in the first place. Make sure your exhibition design company have created a stand that is tailored to your specific needs. Should the stand design be open and inviting? Should you have a private VIP area for chosen important guests and the deals that are going to take place? What should we emphasise the most – stunning visuals or complex information? These are all important questions that you need to make clear to your chosen exhibition design company. Make sure you do all of this at the start of the design process.

Make sure you know the difference between a Marketing Agency and a ‘Full Service’ Exhibition Contractor

Many advertising agencies will offer to take care of your exhibition requirements. But make sure you chose a firm that knows all the options and technologies available and will take care of the design, construction, installation and storage of your exhibit all within one company. This is very important, as the building of your stand is an area that is often presumed to be ‘under control’ when in fact it’s possibly the part that can go wrong the easiest.

You will need to choose a company that has experience building exhibits in as many countries around the world as possible, and they can get a complicated structure built to a high standard efficiently within it. You’d be surprised at how many companies employ unqualified installation staff to put up the exhibition stand, and pay the price with an unprofessional looking area at the trade show at the end of it., even after paying thousands of pounds on a great looking design.

These are just a few of the pitfalls that many companies make when choosing a Exhibition design company. It is very typical for them in all cases to create and install a stand for them. Make sure you do your research thoroughly on the pedigree of previous work and clients. From here, follow the advice above and you’re sure to be fine.