Hiring Full-stack Developer Is The Rising Trend In USA – Here’s Why

According to the US Bureau of Statistics, the demand for full-stack developers will grow exponentially, from 135,000 to 853,000 by 2024. Advanced technologies like IoT, blockchain, chatbots, voice search, etc., are changing web application development scenarios. Full stack developers are considered all-rounders, working on multi-layered stacks with complicated and larger projects. Their comprehensive knowledge is beneficial for the web-application’s success. Even though one person can’t do it all, engaging a developer with full stack expertise is beneficial for the overall web development process.

Table of Content

● What is Full Stack Development?
● Technologies Leading Full Stack Development Trend
● The Reason Behind Rising Demand of FullStack Developers
● Skills of A Full Stack Developer
● Conclusion

What Is A Full Stack Developer?

In the language of web development, full stack means front-end and back-end.
For example, a tech stack comprises an operating system, a server, and a database. It also consists of tools like libraries, frameworks, and environments.The developers who are skilled at coding both segments of the web application are called “full stack developers.”
These software experts know most of the programming languages and are generally engaged to assist in the API development at a minimum viable product (MVP) stage.

Technologies Leading The Full Stack Web Development Trend

Let’s help you understand the importance of full stack development and how it continues to be a leading trend in the US software market.

The feasibility of full-stack web development has grown rapidly with the emergence of new technologies connected through the global internet infrastructure. The following technologies are leading the way in full-stack web development:

➔ Progressive Web Apps
The web applications with the ability to run offline and with zero loading time are based on this technology. Starbucks, Twitter, Uber, etc., are some examples of the applications.

➔ AI Chat Bots
The chatbots integrated into websites that automatically respond to user queries or assist in resolving complaints, etc., have seen a constant rise in their user base. They are used in Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, etc.

➔ Accelerated Mobile Pages
An AMP loads websites quickly and assists in smooth web performance across different devices. It is used in news portals and lite versions of web applications.

➔ Optimized Voice Search
The digital voice assistance technology makes the interface more user-friendly. Full stack developers are widely using it to provide a better user experience. However, the technology is under development.

➔ Motion UI
It’s a great way to engage customers with attractive animations and CSS transitions. In addition, they provide users with an interactive experience, making the interface more responsive.

➔ Dark Mode
Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are some of the most popular platforms using the dark mode option. It provides users with a comfortable experience in low light, with less blue light and minimum device power consumption.

➔ One-Pager Website
A single-page website focuses just on the product or service offered. It is very significant as an easy and focussed design is appreciated by users widely.

Why Are Full Stack Developers In Demand In the US?

People are interested in hiring full-stack developers as doing so has numerous benefits. First, they can oversee your project from scratch to launch. American companies are also hiring full-stack developers as they understand the comprehensive technicalities of front-end, back-end, client-side, and server side, enabling them to create a web application with little need for additional support. The following are other prominent reasons for engaging full-stack developers:

Knowledge To Meet Market Need
The current web development market is not limited to building an interface but extends to creating an interactive 360-degree experience for users. Full stack developers understand that advanced technology, its integration process, and the benefits it can provide for your web application. Using their expertise, clients can plan out a product that can fulfill market requirements and win applause for its value-adding features. An expert full-stack developer can also plan the project, develop it, test it, and upgrade it.

Programming Expertise
While the front-end is about an application’s responsiveness, user experience, design and feel, the back-end connects the interface to the content management system and controls the functioning of the front-end.
Full stack developers are proficient in front-end languages like JavaScript, HTML and CSS. They are also experts in back-end coding through Java, PHP, Python or Ruby. Their professional skills enable wholesome development of the project, rather than dealing with multiple experts and handling the daunting task of creating a common ground for the project’s operations.

The Experience Advantage

This is probably the main benefit of hiring a full-stack developer. Web-application technology is under continuous evolution. An experienced full stack expert brings the learning from varied projects to the team. The knowledge of these developers can assist in the analysis of requirements and accordingly create a unique solution. Such end products are widely accepted in the market. This is tough to achieve with other developers without full stack knowledge and less experience.

Save Money And Time
As already discussed, full stack developers can handle multiple segments of a web application that reduces the cost of human resources. Apart from this, their expertise can handle client and server side coordination without external support. They are skilled at creating a robust development structure that is quick and requires fewer resources. With such all-round expertise on board, laying out an exact process is easier and project delivery gets faster.

Provide Upgraded Edge
Knowledge of the market trends and user requirements helps full stack developers visualize overall feasibility. They can experiment with advanced technology that is upgraded to the current times to better facilitate the client’s requirements.

Problem Solving Ability
Full stack developers have the skills to identify problems that come up at various stages of the web development process. They can easily devise solutions for the optimal working of the web application.

Can Lead The Team

It’s convenient to rely on full stack developers to lead the project. They can handle accountability for MVP development, quality control, and overall goals. Additionally, experienced full stack experts can easily convey the web project’s vision, solution and goals to the team. They can bring everyone to a common ground and get faster results.

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Skills of A Full Stack Developer

As most USA IT services have registered a growth in the demand of full stack web developers, software experts will be eager to grab this opportunity. For a business looking into this technology as an ROI opportunity, it is crucial to understand the essential skill requirement of a full stack developer, which are as follows:

➔ Expertise in handling databases like MongoDB and MySQL
➔ Working knowledge of frameworks like Django and NodeJS
➔ Working knowledge of media query resolving and single-page applications
➔ Inclusive mobile app development expertise
➔ Expertise in HTML and CSS
➔ Proficiency in JavaScripting

It would be even better if the developer knows more backend languages like PHP, Python or Ruby.

The trend of hiring full-stack developers will gain even more momentum due to technologies like IoT, Blockchain, AI Chatbots, progressive web apps, etc.
Whether it is companies or individuals with web development needs, engaging full-stack developers has emerged as an inclusive solution so far. It is budget-friendly, saves time, offers better technical expertise, is goal-oriented and satisfying for the end-user.

Author Bio: Nathan Smith is a Senior full stack developer by profession at TechnoScore, a leading web and app development company with a global reach. He has sound knowledge of all the latest technologies and trends imperative for delivering cutting-edge mobile applications that stand out.