Hiring an Advertising Agency Vs Building an In-house Team

People who work in the management of a marketing or advertising agency are bound to make a decision between hiring an in-house team or an outside agency for their company. Making that decision is not always easy as there are pro and cons of both, so making the final decision requires exploring those.

Why hiring an agency is the better choice?

Sole Focus of the Agency

With an agency a benefit that you have is that their sole focus is on advertising, so you can have their well- versed team of experienced professionals working at promoting your company. These are all people who have been working in the industry for a while and know what they are doing in terms of marketing, so they will be able to create strategies that are better for your company and will be able to bring forth positive results that your company will definitely benefit from.

With an In-house Team

While you could get someone in your team that knows about digital marketing it is not likely that this one person will know all there is to know about all digital platforms. It will also keep you from having a bunch of experienced individuals who have worked on plenty of campaigns before work on your project. 

Industry Experience

With an Agency

Most Digital Marketing Agency work daily on client projects, some of them have expertise in certain industries, so find an agency that has working experience in the field your company needs so they can take you in the right direction. People working in a marketing agency have an understanding of the industry unlike anyone else. They understand perfectly the challenges that they will have to face while marketing your company’s services and products.

With an In house Team

If your company has the good fortune to find someone with decades of experience in the industry willing to work for your business, hire them immediately. If not you can always hire someone and provide them with training, but nothing can make up for experience in the industry. 

Experience in Multiple Marketing Platforms

Although you may have been able to find some really talented and skilled staff members for your team, it is not likely that they will have the experience in all the different kinds of digital marketing platform out there. But at a digital marketing agency you can find someone who has experience in whatever marketing platform you may want to promote your business on. 


With an Agency

Marketing agencies usually have a process that they work with which allows them to be efficient in how they complete projects, with an entire team dedicated to working on different aspects of the project. 

With an In-house team

The people you have hired to work on marketing your business may be the best at their jobs, but they cannot hope to beat a team of experienced individuals working on the project when it comes to getting the work done quickly and efficiently. 

How does Hiring an agency or getting an in-house team affect your budget?

If you were to consider the costs that you will end up paying in both instances, you will find that hiring an agency to complete the job will prove to be much more cost efficient in comparison to getting an entire marketing team aboard. Paying for an entire team’s salary and other benefits and then going through the whole procedure of hiring and rehiring in case someone quits can be a hassle. With an agency you don’t have to deal with any of that, and if you are not satisfied with the work you can just take your business elsewhere.