Hiring A Professionally Skilled Genealogist For Record Searches

While tracing your family tree, it is advisable to seek the help of a professionally skilled genealogist. They will assist you in finding your ancestral search records if you have run into difficulty tracking down an elusive ancestor or you’ve received confusing DNA study results.

Services offered by genealogists

There are mainly four main services offered by professional genealogists:

  • Tracing ancestry
  • Searching records
  • Researching descendants
  • DNA testing with result interpretation.

Other services that they may provide may include:

  • Finding missing person
  • Translating old, handwritten records
  • Helping to join a lineage association
  • Research Guidance

Hiring professional genealogists

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A professional genealogist can help you record searches of your ancestors in the following ways:

Accessing restricted records

Certain record searches can only be accessed with the help of a genealogist during the research process. You may also be very far from the archives where the records are kept. Hiring a local genealogist to access the records is more cost-effective than doing the research yourself, especially when you consider the travel and lodging expenses.

Can work on various record searches

Professional genealogists have experience in handling and working with a variety of records. They know where to exactly look for relevant information. They can also advise you on how to move ahead with your project. They will also teach you how to go through the different records physically by searching via online databases.

Can transcribe old records

Genealogists are well-trained in paleography so they can analyze real ancient writings that can be centuries old and may be in the Latin language. In case, you have found a record that is essential for your research, but can’t read, seek the help of a genealogist who will transcribe it for you.

Record searches in a limited time

A genealogist can do all the relevant record searches for you if you have an interest in family history research but are short of time. If you don’t have time, but have some extra cash, utilize it wisely by paying the top genealogist to carry out the research for you.

Justifying your research

During your investigation, you may stumble across information that you don’t know for sure is accurate or inherited work from a family member. A genealogist will assess the reliability of your sources and examine the accuracy of your data. They will assist you in completing any information gaps.

Hiring a professional genealogist is essential when it comes to record searches. Make sure you select one with whom you feel confident and comfortable working.