How to Hire an Effective Pittsburgh WordPress Developer

So your business plan is finally in place. However, your new digital business will require creating a new WordPress site and possibly developing a new piece of software. You’re starting to wonder if you’ve strayed too far from your comfort zone.

It could be that you lack the technical ability or lack time to learn. But, no matter what’s causing your anxiety, you don’t have to worry! When building a rocking WP site, you don’t have to do it all independently.

Instead, a Pittsburgh WordPress Developer can assist you in achieving your goals. Computer programmers, also known as “developers,” are the people who write the code that powers everything from Steam games to your favorite vintage car site.

Of Developers and Designers

Developers and designers typically work together on projects that require creating a user interface, like a website. Designers in this scenario are the architects who imagine the finished product. When a vision is put into action, the WordPress developer in Pittsburgh is the engineer who ensures that it works as intended.

When it comes to building websites and other applications, front-end developers write the code. For example, a front-end developer could create a WordPress theme or an e-commerce website.

The back-end developers’ job is to build the parts of a website or application that are not visible to the public. In other words, server-side. For example, a back-end developer would write the code for an eCommerce site’s payment processing. If a web developer works on both the front and back ends of a website, they are full-stack developers.

A single developer can create an eCommerce site’s interface and payment processing system, allowing for a smoother user experience.

The sole focus of a mobile developer is the development of mobile applications. Therefore, a mobile developer is someone who works solely on mobile applications.

A WordPress expert in Pittsburgh excels in creating websites that run on open-source platforms, and focusing on the market here in Pittsburgh. As a result, websites powered by WordPress in Pittsburgh and the world make up more than a third of the Internet’s total traffic.

Websites, themes, and plugins can all be created by a developer who is familiar with the platform. However, for WordPress developers to be successful, they must have a working knowledge of PHP (WordPress’ coding language), HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Hiring a Developer for the First Time

Finding a WordPress developer who is knowledgeable and experienced can be a time-consuming and challenging process. The most visible freelancing sites have millions of members, and they’re all vying for the same projects and lowering their prices to compete.

Unfortunately, many of these digital warriors aren’t quite ready for combat. Natural selection (ratings and reviews) tends to weed out the weakest members over time. Many customers will be disappointed and lose faith in the development process if they meet developers that aren’t knowledgeable or mature. In addition, lousy WordPress development can cost a lot of money because some people have to try out several developers before finding one they can fully work with.

To find the best WordPress developer, it’s essential to realize that you must set the tone and thoroughly research your candidates from the beginning. You may end up with a lousy coding job if you don’t do it now. However, a thorough examination of the following five areas will go a long way toward quickly separating the wheat from the chaff.

Verify the Pittsburgh WordPress Developer’s Ratings And Insist On Seeing Previous Work

An obvious first step is to look at previous work on the platform you’re considering, but don’t stop there; you should also be looking at their portfolio, the number of projects they’ve completed, and their online code.

Demonstrating a track record of successful projects, a developer’s portfolio shows that they can and will deliver on their promises. In addition, there is a strong indication that the developer is committed to modern development practices if their code repositories are accessible.

Additionally, you may require that they pass a coding test. This is a simple method for weeding out those who lack the necessary skills. Finally, candidates can be required to take an excellent PHP and WordPress test on a site like TestDome. This necessitates that they are fluent in PHP coding and the WordPress API and architecture.

Do Not Be Fooled by Slashed Prices

Instead of draining your bank account, a reputable developer should generate profits for you. Don’t be fooled by the promise of low-cost development; you usually get what you pay for in this case. The allure of a low-ball offer will fade if you end up having to scrap everything and start over. Of course, low prices don’t always mean low quality. Use our other points to make case-by-case assessments after familiarizing yourself with standard market rates.

Demand Clear and Accurate Communication Throughout the Project

Nobody can be available all the time, but a dedicated developer will make every effort to respond to your concerns as reasonably fast as possible and let you know how and when you can make contact during regular business hours. It’s also important to pay attention to how you say things. Here, flakiness or a lack of clarity are classic warning signs of trouble to come.

Require open and honest communication from the start and be prepared to walk away if you don’t get it. It is essential to know if you can communicate effectively in a long-term relationship. If you’re a good developer, you should communicate effectively with non-technical people.

Test The Developer’s Skills with a Paid Test Project

An inexpensive test project will reveal a lot about a developer’s approach to the job beyond the information you can learn from free code samples. It’s okay to think of this as a loss leader. If things don’t work out, you’ve just saved yourself from failing on a large project with the same developer in the long run. On the other hand, if everything goes according to plan, this should be a good sign for the rest of the project.

Agree on the Job’s Responsibilities

Ensure that everyone involved fully understands and commits to the job scope or project before hiring a WordPress developer in Pittsburgh. Clients frequently hire developers on the spot for work that isn’t yet defined in detail. Misunderstandings can lead to an unfinished project, a wasted investment of time and money, and even a broken relationship.

Finding the best WP developer for your project may seem overwhelming, but by knowing the best practices, you’ve already gotten halfway there. If you’re willing to spend on pure talent and quality, you’re going to get a great experience with the professional you’re going to hire.

Let’s review the most critical points above:

·       Make sure to read reviews and insist on seeing samples of the developer’s work in a portfolio.

·       Test the knowledge of a potential WordPress expert in Pittsburgh by asking them to write some code through a testing site.

·       Don’t be fooled by low-ball offers.

·       Make sure your developer knows how to communicate effectively.

·       Pay someone to do a paid test.·       Decide on the job’s parameters.

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