Hire Experienced DOT Sidewalk Violation Contractors in NYC

By law, the property owner’s responsibility is to maintain the sidewalk adjacent to their properties. Under the restriction, owners are bound to keep an eye for any kind of damage like cracks, holes or depression, etc. If there is any kind of negligence from your end, the NYC DOT will not hesitate to issue an official notice of violation. If you find yourself at the receiving end of a DOT sidewalk violation NYC notice, get an appointment with a DOT contractor to get the repair work started.

Sidewalk violations in NYC

The department of transportation (DOT) has overseen over 12750 miles of sidewalks in New York City. The inspection team from DOT visit various properties, both commercial and private, on the basis of complaints filed and reported injuries. They inspect the entire block from where they have received complaints about damages and defects such as:

  • Collapsed sidewalk
  • Tree roots
  • Trip hazards

As a result, DOT issues official notices of violation. They are not fine collecting notices; instead, they are an alarm to get the repair work done as soon as possible. However, these violations are filed with the County Clerk, and stay active with them until you have done the repair and the department informs them about the completion of work. Just like any other violation, an open sidewalk violation can create issues while selling the property.

Sidewalk repairs

The owner gets an opportunity to do the repair work within 75 days. However, for extreme conditions such as a collapsed portion of an impassable portion, the time period is reduced to 10 days.The Repair work consists of the following steps,

·        Hire a contractor

If you are hiring a contractor, make sure that he understands the DOT protocol and does the work as it is required. It is always better to hire a licensed contractor. The licenses are issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). Owners can double-check the license of a contractor by visiting the DCA database.

·        Secure permits

Before you make a deal with any contractor and start the work, make sure they have all the necessary permits. If they don’t have one, owners can call and request a permit, but you have to pay for the permit, including the administrative cost of a permit. The charges are charged according to the area in feet. Also, these charges cover the inspection after completion of work.

·        Schedule a dismissal inspection

After all the repair work is done, the owner can request an inspection leading to a dismissal request by providing the following information: permit number, property address, block, lot number, and violation number.

If the owner fails to correct the defect, the DOT contractor steps in and does the job themselves. In this way, the department will send the bill to the owner. The owner then has 90 days to pay the bill. If the owner is unable to do so, then the city charges interest and may claim the property.

We know exactly how it’s done

With years of experience in the field now, we have the expertise as well as all the knowledge on how to tackle every complication in a timely and skillful manner. So if you are looking for such competent workers, then give us a call today.

We provide estimated costs before starting the work. If you receive a DOT sidewalk violation NYCnoticein your mailbox, and you do not have enough time to go through the entire process of getting a contractor and then getting the job done within time, just call us, and our DOT contractors will do the job for you. We provide end-to-end service starting from permits to getting the dismissal. Our services include:

  • DOT sidewalk repair needs
  • DOT permits in the job

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