HIP-HOP Has a Unique Face, JEVI PESCI

e was born a rapper born Kenneth Andrew Roberts November 1984 in Wilmington Delaware, SouthPhiladelphia area was Inspired by Hip Hop Culture at an early age by artists such as Kool G Rap, 2pac, Notorious BIG, Nas, Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Tragedy Khadafi & Capone, and Noreaga to name a few,

began writing poetry early on as a therapeutic outlet from growing up
surrounded by a drug & alcoholic related environment. “I started rapping in 1999 with a group of emcees we formed “ShiestVillainz” throughout the early 2000s featured on local tristate mixtapes& performing live showcases with local talent producers before social media

by selling our CDs on street corners, events, parties & a few local

stores.” Jevi saidHe also added that he displayed talent in Breakdancing, graffiti & Djing, mastering all four elements of the Hip Hop culture. Moving around lead to constant

transition into different schools finally attending & teaching after school

breakdancing classes at Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington Delaware” The young rapper who is also the founder and CEO of JEVIPESCIPRODUCTIONS LLC, says “Lifes hardships daily struggle & overcoming past &present challenges” are his source of inspiration when writing a new song.JeviPesci is now on top of the game not just domestically in Philadelphia but driving hundreds of followers every month from different parts of the world due to his unique touch
of music.