Himani Karwat – Woman in the forefront when it comes to brand management, PR & Influencer marketing

Himani Karwat

Himani, who has carved a niche in the PR and influencer marketing industry, has worked with some renowned celebrities & brands from the industry.

A 25-year-old woman based out of Mumbai with a master’s degree in Luxury Brand Management & PR, and a profound passion for the same, Himani Karwat has been working as a communication strategist since 2018 with wide expertise in brand management, PR and influencer marketing.

Working from the front lines of her league with an experience of almost 3+ years, Himani has successfully been managing the public relations of leading national & international brands. She helps brands find their identity by creating a structured road map for them and conjuring up strategies that decide how the brands will be perceived by the audience. Himani helps them sustain their A-game while maintaining their relevance in their respective industry. Her job doesn’t end at structuring the identity–she also plays a pivotal role in monitoring the brands’ growth and progress. In the past couple of years, she has shaped & worked with some incredible brands like FILA, Lee Cooper, Amrapali Jewels, GUESS watches, High Street Phoenix Mall, Palladium, Charles & Kieth, Manish Arora, Berluti, ASICS, Kate Spade, Porsche & more.

Driven by creativity, Himani has curated numerous strategies in the fashion, lifestyle and retail segments. Her unending passion and enthusiasm define her professional persona, and has thus enabled her to mark her excellence in the world of PR which has become a mandatory advertising and communication tool today.

Speaking of her experience & future plans, Himani says, “PR is an extremely pivotal tool today since it covers so many aspects of BTL marketing i.e. social media, traditional media, influencer outreach, digital platforms etc. These communication platforms have more credibility than ATL marketing and advertising. Moreover, as the format of news consumption changes so rapidly, agility in PR outreach is also important. Regarding my future plans, I have always dreamt of owning a company that I built from scratch. The entire process of living life as an entrepreneur is enriching and challenging at the same time. I aspire to begin my own company soon, and this goal is what further fuels my vigour to help my clients. With each successful & happy client, I move one step closer to my goal.”

Currently, Himani Karwat has set foot in talent management & brand solutions where she handles profiles of various influencers across segments along with PR. She is closely working with names like Meghna Kaur, Kat Kristian, Usaamah Siddique, Varun Agrawal, Shruti Sinha, Sanaya Pithawalla etc.

Speaking of her experience in talent management field, Himani Says, “Influencer marketing has become a crucial part of the media mix for brands in recent years. My job is to fuse art and strategy to produce relevant content with the creators. Influencer marketing is at a peak right now & there is so much diversity in this field for both–creators & the brands. I personally feel, brands should always treat tradition and innovation as powerful tools. They can join their forces to ensure better results instead of racing against each other. At the end of the day, both PR and influencer marketing share the same goal: showing the public all the good reasons to love a company.”

So far, Himani has aced every project that has come her way by skilfully mastering every aspect of public relations and influencer marketing. She shows no signs of stopping or slowing down as she continues to work her way up the ladder, overturning every odd and zealously carving her identity in this industry.