Tips to Score Higher Bands in IELTS Reading Section

Many of us desire to fulfill our dream of studying abroad because we as a human are always in search of better opportunities. Getting admission in highly ranked universities is a dream of every student and to make this dream come true one must work hard.

Universities all around the world are accepting applications from students across the globe and the IELTS result is one of the necessary requirements of this application process. Education consultants in Islamabad will help you make your dreams come true and virtual consultancy will guide you throughout your application process.

The required band score to apply for university is different according to the university policies and terms. But for a student to apply abroad the minimum IELTS score should not be less than 6.

Many students are afraid to take the IELTS exam and one of the reasons is the reading section. It is one of the most complex and important sections of the IELTS exam. This article has all the do’s and don’ts to take care of while taking the exam.

How many sections are there in IELTS reading?

IELTS reading section consists of three sub-sections. The complexity of each section increases as we move to each section.

The type of questions being asked in each section varies and is different in number. The good news for you is that there is no negative marking for wrong answers in IELTS. The reading section consists of 40 questions and it is a must to complete this section in a time span of one hour.

The content given in each section is different and that content might be a research paper, an article, a research paper on history, science, or any experiment held.

Is the Academic reading section the same as the General reading section?

The reading section of the IELTS general and academic are different. The content given is totally different and the scoring criteria is also different for these two tests.

Whereas the listening section of both these tests is the same. The total number of questions being asked and the time to attempt these questions are also the same.

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What are the types of questions asked in the reading section?

There are multiple types of questions being asked in the reading section. The list of the kind of questions is as follows.

  • Match the heading
  • Writing the missing words
  • Labeling the diagram or completing the map
  • Choosing the best option
  • True, False, and Not Given
  • Yes, No and Not given
  • Match the description with the words given in a box

These are the type of questions which are mostly encountered by the students in the exam and the combination of these questions is unknown. These questions may be asked in any order.

Tips to Attempt IELTS Reading Section

Attempting the IELTS reading section is not that easier because every question type demands a different strategy and time span to attempt it successfully.

Here in this section, we will discuss some of the important tips and tricks to attempt to get a better band score.


One of the important factors to keep in mind is time. If the time is rightly managed then attempting each section is easier.

Never spend too much time on a question that is problematic to leave that question and move to the next. Come back to attempt it later. Remember each question has equal marks don’t leave one for the other.


Don’t start reading the whole passage and try understanding each and every word. Skim the text and read the paragraph that is relevant to the question.


Underline the keywords in the question and look for those keywords in the given passage. You will surely get your answer.


Once you have underlined the keyword try to remember all the expected synonyms for that keyword. Remember the examiner will try all the best to trick your mind.

If you have underlined a keyword don’t just look for the exact word. While scanning the passage whenever a synonym to your keyword is found stop and start reading again.

Read instructions:

This is one of the most important points to keep in mind. If you already know the instructions you must read the instructions again before starting the exam.

If the instruction says no more than two words you are bound to give your answer only in two words. Any answer given in more than two words will be considered wrong.


To attempt the reading section having a great understanding of vocabulary is important. The content may contain a great set of vocabulary and for you to attempt this section understanding the passage is important.

Reading speed:

Students with great reading speed are more likely to be successful in this section. Try to read the content quickly don’t spend too much time reading a single paragraph or a single line.

What is the best and ideal score?

Different universities have their own demands regarding the reading score and overall score. But for research-based programs, the mentioned reading score is 6.5 and shouldn’t be less than the specified score.

Hope this writing was enough to give you a better understanding of the key points to keep in mind before attempting the exams, you can also visit education consultants in Islamabad for important tips and to know the university requirements.