Hypertension Management: A Life-Long Commitment

Hypertension comes with no warning signs. It creeps in silently and hence is called the ‘silent killer’. The only way to keep your BP in control is to check it regularly to prevent further damage. Sadly, Hypertension is not something that can be dealt with just with a tablet. It is a lifestyle condition and management of Hypertension is a life-long commitment.

There is no cheat sheet to living a life with Hypertension. But you can commit to a few things to simplify living with this lifestyle condition. Educating yourself about Hypertension, learning how to monitor your BP levels, listening to your doctor, and being informed about the risks and preventing them are how you can make it manageable.

This blog will discuss how to live a Hypertension-free life or to manage it well to keep further risks at bay!

How to commit to living heart-healthy?

Living a lifestyle that keeps your heart healthy doesn’t require you to put in a lot of effort. But since we are habitual to inactivity, eating mindlessly, and living a stressful life, the thought of living a healthy lifestyle seems complicated. Many hypertensive patients have embarked on a journey to living healthily and following their doctor’s advice diligently. Here are some tips for managing Hypertension effectively.

1. Cutting down your salt intake

Consuming salt more than the permissible limit can stiffen and narrow your blood vessels. Furthermore, it decreases the blood and oxygen flow to the vital organs, making it harder for the heart to pump the blood efficiently, leading to high blood pressure.

2. Quitting smoking

Smoking causes a spike in your blood pressure levels as it activates your sympathetic nervous system. Additionally, it accelerates arterial ageing, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Taking Prescribed Medications

If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure and lifestyle changes are not helping, your doctor may put you on Hypertension medication. Finding the right combination of drugs, but with time, your condition will improve. They improve your situation over time and reduce other heart risks.

4. Maintaining Healthy Weight

If you are hypertensive and overweight, your doctor may advise you to lose some weight. Since it is a lifestyle condition, being obese will only aggravate the problem. Therefore, following a healthy diet and being active is recommended to lower the risks of other potential medical issues.

5. Reducing Stress

Stress can contribute to hypertension. If you are hypertensive, you must find ways to reduce stress in your life. It may not be possible to eliminate it, but it can be managed. Identify what makes you feel happier and what stresses you out. Practice mindfulness meditation to train your mind to remain calm and be present in the moment. Taking a long walk, reading a book, and listening to music are some more ways to tackle stress in your daily life.

What does it take to commit to living a Hypertension-friendly lifestyle?

Living with Hypertension doesn’t require you to compromise on anything; instead, it demands you to make healthy changes in your lifestyle. Here are a few more things you need to do to ensure that Hypertension doesn’t stop you from living your life to the fullest!

Monitor your BP levels at home

Does visiting a doctor make your heart beat faster? That is called a white coat syndrome. In such a case, you can learn how to monitor BP levels at home and do it regularly. If you observe an abnormality in the reading, visit your doctor immediately.

Consult the doctor

Being in touch with your doctor regularly helps you understand your condition better. For instance, if a combination of hypertension drugs isn’t working for you, your doctor will prescribe you a different set of medicines to keep your BP in control.

Use a medication reminder system

Missing hypertension medication can lead to severe health conditions like malignant hypertension. It is better to put in some extra effort and set a reminder than to deal with something worse.

Watch for lows and highs

Monitoring your BP levels helps you be in control of Hypertension rather than it controlling you. Any reading above a normal range should be communicated to your doctor immediately. Negligence has no place here as it may push you on the verge of a heart condition from which recovery can be difficult.

Following this throughout your life makes management of Hypertension easier and helps you live in a healthier way.

Commit to a healthy lifestyle!

Once you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, curing it is difficult but managing it is not. Hypertension is here to stay, but listening to your doctor, following a healthy diet, and regularly monitoring your BP make a living with it less troublesome. To reach out to experts who can help in the management of Hypertension, or to find out more about this lifestyle condition, you can visit BPinControl.