Hidden Treasure: 5 Incredible Attic Loft Ideas

Most people who purchase a home with an attic, also known as a loft, don’t think of it as more than just a dusty storage area. 

But little do they realize that with the right amount of space, this area can be converted into a functional and peaceful haven inside your home. What’s more, an attic conversion can add serious value to your property. 

Here are a few simple attic loft ideas to spur your creativity.

Simple Attic Loft Ideas That Increase Your Home Value 

First thing’s first, not all attics or lofts are convertible. It depends on the amount of room you have, the slope of your roof, and whether the area has been loft boarded. 

If the slope of your roof is significant, an attic area is probably best left as storage space. If it needs to be boarded, this is a simple task. You can even save on the boarding loft cost by doing it yourself.

These conversion ideas are simple and affordable: 

1. Create a Cozy Reading Nook 

In order to accommodate the natural slope of your roof and the space you have, you can turn your attic into a cozy escape room.

Be sure to use low or squat furniture for your reading nook, such as an L-shaped sofa or chaise lounge. Add a small side table, a reading lamp, and a light-colored carpet to open up the space. Paint the walls with a bright and airy color to create the illusion of height and space. 

2. Convert It Into a Guest Room 

Adding an extra bedroom to your home, even if it’s small, can dramatically increase its resale value. If the area is large enough, opt for a three-quarter bed, or two single beds to keep the look symmetrical.

Attics can get warm and stuffy, so add a bedroom fan or an attic window if your budget allows. With the addition of a large mirror, you can make the room look double the size. 

3. Add a Study to Your Home 

An attic is usually a great size for the addition of a home study. It’s also a good area for this purpose as it’s quite separate and secluded from the rest of your home. 

Consider the height of the room and choose office furniture to suit. You can warm up the space with the addition of a Persian rug, a low filing cabinet, and some hanging plants. 

4. Bring a Children’s Games Room to Life 

To keep the mess of a children’s game room separate from the rest of your home, why not designate your attic as a play or hangout area? You also have a bit more freedom in terms of décor since it won’t clash with the rest of the house. 

Add a TV, gaming console, comfortable seating, and a robust carpeting material that will stand up to the mess!

5. Create a Dreamy Walk-In Closet 

Yes, this is technically a storage idea, but who would say no to their own walk-in closet? If the space is big enough, you can even create a ”his and hers” closet to share. 

Paint the room a crisp white, add a dresser, stool, hanging racks, and some low shelving. Don’t forget a tall mirror and a plush carpet to finish it off.

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These are just a few of the simpler attic loft ideas that not only add extra space to your home but undeniable value. If you hadn’t considering converting the area before, we hope this has left you with some inspiration! 

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