Hidden Gems in the Province of Masbate

The province of Masbate is one of the Philippines’ hidden gems in itself and it is a great getaway for tourists. Masbate is located right in the middle of the Philippine archipelagos. It is part of the Bicol region and its capital city is Masbate city.


The reason why Masbate is so famous for local and foreign tourists is because of natural tourist spots. The province is rich in nature and untouched locations. Masbate is divided into three islands: the primary island of Masbate and the secondary islands, Ticao and Burias.


With three islands surrounded by large bodies of water, Masbate is the best place for people who love beaches. It wouldn’t be called the Maldives of the Philippines for no reason. But Masbate is more than that. There are a lot of hidden gems in the province of Masbate that you can enjoy.

Palani White Beach

If you’re into white sand beaches, then Palani White Beach is the place for you. Palani White beach is located at the small town of Balud and it is famous for its fine white sands and untouched beauty. The beach is serene and you are guaranteed to get the relaxation that you are looking for. 


There are a lot of comfortable and affordable accommodations around the area. Spending a day or two relaxing at this beach is the best way of getting the full experience. Palani White Beach has also one of the most beautiful sunsets in the whole Bicol region. It is an experience for solo travelers, couples, and even families.

Burias Islands

Burias islands are one of the secondary islands of Masbate. Many people prefer Burias islands from the main islands because of its untouched beauty and people love exploring other small islands nearby. 


The main beaches of Burias islands are popular but the hidden gems are found in its smaller sister islands like Tinalisayan where you can enjoy the beautiful white sandbar, the amazing rock formations of Animasola island, and for those who are looking for extra adventure, you can visit the turtle reserve of the Sombrero island.


One thing to note about these islands is that there are no tourist infrastructures here. So you better prepare your camping bags and enjoy the experience of life on the beach. You are sure to feel like Chuck Nolan from the movie Cast Away and it is a unique experience indeed.

Ticao Island

Did I already mention that Masbate is popular for its beautiful beaches? Well, let’s not forget about Ticao island, one of the secondary islands of the province. Similar to Burias Islands, Ticao island is untouched and serene.


Ticao Island is for those who are looking for a thrilling water adventure. There is a reason why famous international divers visit Ticao Island just to experience the wonderful diving spots. You’ll enjoy looking at exotic marine life while you dive and discover different species of fish. Whale sharks and sharks are also found in the waters of Ticao Island so make sure you still have your feet after your swim!

Bugui Lighthouse

If you like culture and history, Masbate is rich in it too. One of the main historical sites of Masbate is the Bugui lighthouse, a century-old lighthouse. Bugui Point Lighthouse was built during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines and it is one of the 24 lighthouse built by Spain in the Philippines.


However, the original lighthouse is not erect anymore as it was replaced. You can still visit the ruins of the old lighthouse and read up on the history of it. 

Catandayagan Falls

In the town of Monreal in Ticao Island, a hidden gem is found. It’s not a beach but it is still a body of water and you could see that Masbate is really blessed with natural resources. Catandayagan Falls is a whopping 100 feet waterfall and it is an amazing view with clear waters.


To reach Catandayagan Falls, you just need a one-hour boat ride from the city or it could be part of your itinerary as you island-hop around the islands of Ticao. Catandayagan is definitely a unique waterfall as its water flows straight into the sea.


Key Takeaway

Masbate is a small province and yet it is packed with natural resources and hidden tourist destinations. It could be considered an underrated tourist destination but the number of tourists has increased every year. However, it does not affect the untouched beauty of the islands. If you are planning a visit, it is recommended to have at least 2 weeks of stay so you could enjoy all the untapped beauty of Masbate. Traveling around the province is affordable and it is a great way o