Hero Counter Melissa DominoqqMobile Legends Pkv Games

Melissa is the newest Saint Marksman in Mobile Legends Pkv Games with abilities that are quite unique and quite difficult to fight. If most of the Marksman can be easily countered by a legendary Assassin, this saint can’t even be approached by a Legendary Saint Assassin because of his extreme expertise that repels opposing saints who are nearby.

For those of you who are confused about how to counter Melissa in Mobile Legends, take a good look at the Melissa saint counter through this article!

1. Yve

Saint legend Mage like Yve can easily become a counter for Melissa Dominoqq in Mobile Legends because she can inflict enormous harm from far away regions. With his Real World Manipulation expertise, Yve can deal painful damage to Melissa.

Even though Melissa uses her extreme abilities, Yve can still repay the damage and make Melissa difficult during group battles.

2. Eudora

As it was written above that legend saint with Mage class is indeed the best counter for Melissa because they can attack Melissa outside the range of her extreme ability region.

Eudora is also one of the Saint Mage in Mobile Legends who can make Melissa fall because Eudora can kill Melissa in just one short combo – considering that Eudora is the best legend in doing a single shot legend opponent.

3. Aurora

One more saint Mage in Mobile Legends who can be a counter for Melissa Dominoqq, namely Aurora. Aurora is an ice-powered Mage legend who can give very high burst harm to her opponents, and can provide swarm control by freezing them.

Just like Eudora, Aurora will be a terrible saint for Melissa because she could be hit by a single shot by a simple combo from Aurora.

4. Saber

Indeed, Melissa’s legendary saint Assassin could easily be overcome thanks to her extreme expertise, but there was one Assassin legend that prevented Melissa from moving before she had the opportunity to use this ability.

The legend is Saber, an Assassin who is very strong in the early game thanks to his ability to lock the opponent’s saint. With her Triple Sweep ability, Saber can lock while dealing massive damage to Melissa.

If Melissa is already in the range of Saber’s attack, then it is certain that Melissa will immediately disappear from the map.

5. Chou

It’s no longer a secret that Chou can be a counter to all the saints in Mobile Legends, including Melissa Dominoqq. Chou’s Jeet Kune Do ability can be used to interfere with Melissa’s movements, and Chou also has The Way of Dragon that can be used to kidnap Melissa Dominoqq.

Apart from his swarm control which can make Melissa unable to move, Chou also has a fairly large harm that can kill Melissa very quickly, especially if Chou uses full harm assemble.