Here’s Why Your Car’s AC is Not Working Properly

Planning trips and going for a thrilling excursion with friends or family in Dubai is a common practice to make your summer holidays more joyous and memorable. And riding a personal vehicle or car is the most convenient choice to make this thrilling excursion more comfortable and exciting. But what if your car AC stops working mid-way? It can ruin your whole trip. 

For a comfortable ride during the hot summer, your car AC must be working properly to avoid the effect of the hot outside temperature. Errors or faults in your car’s air conditioning system are a common practice during summer. It can cause lowering or blocking the cooling. Sometimes these errors are quite hard to locate, and you need to hire professional services for car AC repair in Dubai

Reasons for Car AC’s Failure 

The air conditioner is a crucial system of the car and other vehicles, which keeps the inside temperature lower even in extremely hot areas. And slight change or error in this system can highly affect its cooling capacity. It may happen due to multiple reasons, including poor cleaning, faulty engine, and low-quality compressor. However, this damage can be easily done by proper inspection or calling an auto AC expert. 

To fix the problems of the car air conditioning system, it’s important to understand the root cause of their existence. The reason is that diagnosing the reason is the first step to repairing or fixing the problems. However, it’s quite hard to find out the exact reason for car AC failure manually, and most people prefer to hire professional services.

Some common reasons for car AC failure are listed here, which can help you to repair your car AC more effectively.

  1. Short Circuit 

All types of car ACs have an electric system that connects them to the engine and other systems of the car. During summer or in hot areas where the outside temperature fluctuates between 45 to 50 ° C, electric wires melt and expand, which causes short circuits. This inside short circuit is the major cause of car AC failure.

This damage can easily be diagnosed and repaired by a simple DIY approach. However, disconnecting the wires can cause further short circuits or failure of the entire system. Therefore, hiring professionals is the more convenient and economical choice.

  1. Refrigerant Leak 

The car AC has an effective refrigerant system that helps them to work properly. In some cases, like after a road accident, it starts leaking, which lowers or blocks the cooling. It’s quite hard to locate the damage and repair it manually.  However, calling auto AC experts can easily fix this issue and protect your AC or other systems of the car from further damage.

  1. Broken Condenser 

A broken condenser is another main factor in a car AC’s failure. The reason is that it is a crucial tool that keeps the AC cabin cool. And condense the hot outside air into cool air. Due to dust or other faults, it stops working. As a result, hot air from outside starts entering the car and increasing the temperature. It requires immediate repair or replacement of the broken condenser with the right one to retain the normal working of AC. 

  1. Faulty Compressor 

The compressor is also an important part of the car AC system. It keeps the condenser cool and allows it to pass hot outside air inside the car after condensing it. Any damage or fault to this system affects the cooling or working of the AC. It usually happens when dust and other debris accumulate in front of the grills.

  1. Mold and Mildew Growth 

Due to unhygienic conditions, dust and bacteria enter the car AC system, especially in the air filter and front grills. They grow and accumulate here, which results in the blocking of cooling. Therefore, mold or mildew growth is an important reason behind the poor functioning of your car AC.  

Final Thought 

All the above-mentioned reasons are the most common cause of car AC failure. Proper care and regular maintenance can help you to avoid these reasons or keep your car AC in the right working order. 

Dealing with car AC maintenance manually is not possible and can cause more trouble to not only AC but other systems of the car too. Therefore, choosing the best car workshop or hiring experts is crucial to keep your car in the right working order. It will also add to the life of car AC and its efficiency.


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