Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bed Bugs

Dealing with bed bugs is one of the most daunting things. Because, unlike other pests, they feed on us directly. Even though other pets are just as annoying but at least we can get our full night’s sleep. While having bed bug leave us looking like zombies as we fail to sleep worry-free.

Contacting a bed bug specialist near me is the brightest idea in such conditions. But it’s really a shame that most people choose to ignore the signs of bed bugs a mere allergic reaction. Well, we are going to put an end to this by providing enough reasons not to ignore these little blood-sucking critters.

Allergic Reaction

You might not know this but people can be allergic to a bed bug bite. The chemical that secretes when these bugs bites can be allergic for some people and when bitten victims can suffer from swelling, redness, along with signs of inflammation. These signs might not be the end of it as some people can undergo life-threatening reactions as well. Although not all people are allergic to bed bugs, we would suggest not to take a chance with your life.

Mental Harm

Mental harm is another reaction people can suffer from due to bed bug infestation. In fact, a study was conducted at the University of Montreal in Quebec, Canada, that shows that bed bug infestation can cause people to become anxious and give them insomnia. The problem becomes so dire that people who have never been suffered from any mental disorders can develop anxiety. We are not saying that all of them carry the chances of developing psychological problems, but it sure is a possibility. Are you going to risk your family’s well-being when you can easily deal with it?


It’s not a shocker that these little creatures carry germs, ones that can pass on to humans. Just think about it, these bugs do not only live off of humans but other animals as well. For example, if a bed bug has been feeding off of a rat and then if the same bug bites you, you can possibly carry the diseases of the rat. Even if, there is no solid evidence that the germs can pass on to us, but why take the chance when there’s a way out with bed bug specialist Brisbane?

Prolonged Infestation

Once they are settled in a house, it becomes their permanent address, unless you are actively seeking out a way to get rid of them. And trust us when we say this, without calling an expert you cannot kill these pests. Some people might demand that certain DIYs are effective but these bugs are experts at hiding as well. So, you need to be an expert at locating them also.

We hope that these reasons are enough to encourage you to call an expert today. But along with it, you need to make sure that you do have a bed bug situation at home and not only some random allergic reaction. So, below are some of the sure signs of bed bug infestation:

  • Are you seeing bloodstains on your bed sheets, sofa covers, or any other places that cannot be explained? Well, you might be hosting a bed bug colony. These stains generally happen when the bug feeds off of you under the layers.
  • Witnessing black stains or foul smells can also be a sign of bed bug infestation. These signs can very well be produced from their waste and are most usually seen in the common hiding places of bed bugs.
  • Getting rash, seeing redness behind the back or other parts of your body more frequently without any explanation is another sign. Bed bug bites are hard to feel as they often feed off of us during the sleeping hours.

Don’t seek out DIYs

If you have seen any or all of the above signs, you need to contact the professionals as soon as you can. Because if you delay, they can multiply in numbers by breeding rapidly. So, it will be extra hard for even the experts to locate them all. Moreover, if some bed bugs are left behind then you might invest in a Bed Bugs specialist near me again.

The worst that you can do is by applying DIY methods to deal with these bugs. Because one, these bugs are extremely resilient; two, they are hard to locate as they can hide deep under the layers; and three, special tools and expertise are needed to kill them. So, it would be better not to waste your time and money on such a futile method and instead invest in the assured prospect that will provide prominent results.