Here’s Why You Should Go For Wall Mounted Electric Fires Over Recessed Fireplaces

As far as choosing electric fireplaces is concerned, it is essentially all a matter of preference. However, with the many options available in the market today, the decision can actually be quite daunting. For instance, between wall mounted electric fires and recessed fireplaces, which one should you choose?

For many, the difference is very minimal. Both types of electric fireplaces are elegant and stylish, providing the heat and comfort a traditional fireplace can give. However, with a wall mounted electric fire or a recessed fireplace, you won’t need a chimney or a hearth. You simply plug them and you get the warmth of a fireplace without the effort.

But in many cases, wall mounted electric fires are better than the recessed fireplace. Here are the three reasons why:

Easier installation

A wall mounted electric fire is definitely much easier to install compared to a recessed fireplace. With a wall mount, all you have to do is—literally—mount it on the wall, the way you would do a piece of art on your living room or your home salon. Of course, with this, the wall mount protrudes. Recessed fireplaces are smoother since you will need to cut a hole on the wall to fit the unit in. This is, of course, a minimal difference in terms of aesthetics.

The difference in installation, however, isn’t minimal. Because there is a need to cut a hole on the wall, it would require a bit more effort in the installation—you may even need a professional to do it for you. With wall mounted electric fires, you can install it yourself. Just make measurements as to where you will place the unit and you should be good to go.

The most cost- and space-efficient

And because a wall mounted fire should not require any sort of installation, it would save you from any additional costs.

In terms of space, you wouldn’t need to alter a lot in your home to use wall mounted electric fires since it is literally like a plug-and-use appliance. With recessed fireplaces, since there is a fit it on a wall, there are few opportunities for changes and modifications in the space you will put it in. You cannot change your mind in terms of where and how you use the unit—unless you are interested in a new installation process and making major, irreversible alterations to your home.

More flexible

With this, wall mounted electric fires are ultimately more flexible in terms of how you can use it, where you can use it, and how much you need to spend in order to use it. It helps that wall mounted units have varying and diverse designs, so you can easily find one that will fit the design of your home and the aesthetics you are trying to go for. You can be as rustic or as stylish as you want to be with these units. Recessed fireplaces also have diverse designs, but overall it cannot beat wall mounted electric fires in terms of cost efficiency and convenience.