Here’s Why You Deserve a Massage Day

Nowadays, we all have a challenging and hectic routine. That’s why; it has become quite exigent for us to pamper ourselves or takeout some time to relax properly. Usually, people feel like they don’t deserve this care and a particular time for rest as this time can be spent on some productive purposes. No doubt, it’s a never-ending argument that we shouldn’t spend much time relaxing or why we need special treatment to make ourselves feel special?

Geylang Wellness Centre genuinely believes that everyone deserves a spa day, at least once a month. However, if you still think that your work life’s challenging routine is essential than a spa day, then the current discussion is advantageous for you.

We are here to encourage you to manage some time for you as it is essential to feel relaxed or appeased if you genuinely intend to improve your overall work effectiveness. So, read the entire discussion carefully and book your appointment with Geylang Spa.

  • You Have Hectic Routine

If you are looking after your family, arranging back to back meetings with your colleagues, or pushing yourself in every aspect of life, then surely you need a break.  Trust us; it is tough to manage your social and personal life with a tired body and upset mind. Even if you are too passionate about your job and want to spend quality time with family, you still need some time ONLY for yourself.

You don’t need to quit your job or social life for this break because a few hours in a professional spa can provide an escape from a frantic and chaotic routine. So, do something atypical for you and visit the massage center without any second thought. We are sure you will feel serene, calm, and more energetic after a soothing massage.

  • You Are Stressed

No denial; this chaotic life has made all of us stressed and anxious. It may sound bizarre, but stress is creeping its way into our lives. Work-life dramas, disturbed relationships, and other aspects make us anxious, and we can’t get out of this trap. Nevertheless, either you can accept stress as an enduring part of your life, or you can look for effective ways to get rid of a stressful life. It may sound easy, but it’s not, and you have to work hard to make yourself feel composed and relaxed.

Gladly, getting a massage is an effective way to relax your stress hormones. Most of the research provides clear evidence that massage improves serotonin levels and considerably decreases cortisol (stress hormones). If you want to boost your neurotransmitters, including dopamine, endorphins, oxytocins, you should visit Geylang Body Massage Centre more often. Indeed, this way, you can reduce the negative impact of stress levels on your health and regular activities.

  • To Avoid Frequent Headaches

Frequent headaches are no fun as they can hinder your productivity at the workplace. Undoubtedly, several factors trigger headaches, but a tensed neck is one of the primary causes. A tensed neck restricts the blood flow to the brain, and you feel undesirable headache every time.

Indeed, you can take painkillers to keep this pain at bay, but excess medication can have some side-effects on your health. So, you can get a neck massage that improves blood flow in the body and resultantly lessens unwanted headaches.

According to the research study by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a regular massage impressively mitigates the frequency of migraines or tension-type headaches. So, if you feel an unusual headache for quite a long, consider visiting Geylang Massage center for instant relief. The serene and attention-grabbing environment, professional masseuses, and aromatic therapy make you feel like you are spending your vacation at some luxurious place.

  • For a Peaceful Sleep

Insomnia is not a joke. According to the Psychiatric Times research study, around 30 % of the general population has poor sleep (i.e., insomnia symptoms of proper sleep, difficulty in waking up early, or non-restorative sleep at any given time). If you feel like you can’t sleep peacefully, then massage can help you in this matter. Remember, sleeping pills provide temporary relief and can make you addicted, but massage not only helps in peaceful sleep but makes you vigorous too.

Sleep deprivation makes you unhealthy, lazy, lethargic, unfocused, and sluggish. So, improve your sleeping schedule and think about a professional massage for a healthy life.

Massage a Day Keeps Tension at Bay

Surely, it is not easy to manage time for recreational activities. But a relaxed mind and a healthy body can perform effectively. That’s why; we recommend you to go to a professional massage center once a week or at least twice a month.

Trust you; you will observe a positive and delightful change in your personality after some regular massages.