Here’s Why CPVC Pipes are Great for Residential Plumbing

It’s no surprise CPVC pipes have become a preferred option for plumbing in residential buildings.

Thanks to their chemical composition, CPVC fittings and pipes are rigid thermoplastic materials that can handle high water pressure easily. This quality makes CPVC pipes better than PVC pipes for potable water transportation and sewage drainage.

Following are some reasons to choose CPVC pipes for your residential plumbing needs.

Non-reactant to Disinfection

Delivering clean and drinkable water is a top priority for plastic piping systems in residential households, which can often get affected due to chlorination.

Chlorination, primarily done to keep water safe and clean, leads to degradation of certain pipes when they react to the disinfectants. However, CPVC pipes prevent this due to their non-reactant properties. They don’t allow harmful substances to mix with potable water they transfer.

Better Flow Rates

CPVC pipes tend to be quite smoother on the inside. This helps them offer resistance against scaling or adulteration. Due to this, fictional pressure loss in the pipe also gets reduced when the water starts flowing.

In this way, CPVC pipes allow better flow rates. These pipes are also quite energy efficient when pumping water.


Piping materials as well as water systems tend to sometimes contaminate drinking water with harmful bacteria and fungi. However, being anti-bacterial CPVC pipes can prevent any formation of bacteria which can keep water safe as well as clean.

This is why CPVC pipes have become a preferred material for transferring potable water and are thus chosen over metal pipes when it comes to residential plumbing.

Invulnerable to Breakage

Leakage can be a major issue among water pipes, which requires them to be leak-proof at all times. When it comes to CPVC pipes or fittings, they are bonded using solvent cement and are strong against any cracks or breaks.

Utilising any pipe for water supply prone to breakage or leakage also brings up unnecessary repairs. Given the robust construction of CPVC pipes, they serve you much better in the long run than regular pipes.

Cost Effective

CPVC pipes, unlike typical pipes made of metal, don’t corrode, rust, or scale which means no replacement costs on a frequent basis. On top of that, they are also easy to fit during installation, cutting down the expenses for heavy-duty installation.

Being lightweight, they also don’t require additional handling, transportation or other miscellaneous costs. All this means CPVC pipes save you a lot of money and bring good returns on your investment.


The excellent durability and tensile strength of CPVC pipes are perfectly suitable for any residential plumbing requirement. These pipes also have robust flexibility and bendability, meaning you can alter them to meet a specific requirement.

As you can tell, there are plenty of reasons to choose CPVC pipes for residential plumbing along with good PVC pipes and fittings. Offering long-term durability, fire resistance, and cost benefits, they can be used in a variety of different settings.
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