Here’s How Tech Entrepreneur Mackenzie Thompson Helps Clients to Attain Their Goals

Mackenzie Thompson is a successful Tech Entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the Facebook Marketplace. With hard work, great skills, technical knowledge, and perseverance, Mackenzie has made his dreams come true.

So how did he accomplish his goals? Well, from childhood, Mackenzie always had big dreams. He never wanted to do the 9-5 job. However, financial stability was essential in life, so he moved to Sydney at the age of 18. In Sydney, Mackenzie earned his Health and Movement Science degree and did odd jobs. At 20, he lost his job at master’s Hardware as the shop was shut down.

After losing the job, Mackenzie Thompson shifted back to his mother’s place and spent a year reading a lot about the business world. He learned a lot about advanced technology and the E-Commerce world. A year later, Mackenzie started his E-Commerce business which didn’t succeed. So, he decided to start his venture in the world of Facebook Marketplace and provide tech solutions and software to people.

Thanks to his zeal to grow in life, despite every challenge that came his way, Mackenzie reached the stars. Today, he is one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in his city who has changed the lives of many clients and entrepreneurs. About his business, the entrepreneur shares, “My company is turning over 15-20k week profit and only in it’s extremely early stages, smoothing out systems to be able to scale higher.”

At the age of 25, tech entrepreneur Mackenzie Thompson has fulfilled many dreams. But he wants to keep growing and wants to succeed as much as he can. He has some interesting plans for the future of his company. Mackenzie says, “The goal for this year is to clean out one small constraint in the onboarding section of the business and scale to $150k profit a week, which is scarily easily achievable.”