Here’s How Jared Sanborn Built One of the World’s Largest PR & Marketing Companies

“One of the main reasons most people will never accomplish their hopes and dreams is because they overestimate how much effort/skill it will take to accomplish.” This powerful message and observation by Jared Sanborn rings true for many people.

Jared Sanborn was born an entrepreneur. He realized early on that his ambitions could only be accomplished through entrepreneurship. Even though he didn’t follow this path immediately, he has now fully embraced his entrepreneurial spirit.

Sanborn is many things; most notably, he is the founder and CEO of, a digital marketing agency that is successful and a pacesetter in the industry. He is also the founder and CEO of Pure Technology Inc. a company focused on AI, big data, and consumer electronics.

An entrepreneur is defined by their ability to navigate challenges, and according to Sanborn, it is equally important to highlight failures that entrepreneurs have risen from. One of the main things that discourage upcoming entrepreneurs is that their success takes longer than they anticipated. The ‘overnight’ success label is a detriment to rising business people, and therefore, successful entrepreneurs should talk about their failures as much as they highlight their successes.

After graduating from high school, where he’d often landed in trouble for his businesses, he spent four and a half years reading over 400 books around entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, leadership, investing, and others.

During that time, he wrote songs and started planning his music, business, and marketing development. His first few businesses didn’t rake in any profits; in fact, he lost $40,000 in a single night from a concert he had funded. A week after, his recording studio was destroyed by a flood.

All of which details just one of the many setbacks and losses he experienced before he finally got his break. Sanborn says, “Failure is the mother of learning, and learning is the father of success.” This is how he remained in business and built one of the largest PR and Marketing companies in the world.

To Sanborn, being an entrepreneur affords you the ability to possess a diverse skill set, allowing you to venture into different industries. Through studying, learning, failing, and rising back up again, he has discovered what he is good at. He is intent on disputing the ‘it can’t be done’ belief.

Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to create what you want. Nothing limits you; you also have the ability to work however you want to get where you want. Most importantly, entrepreneurship allows you to explore and become who you are, complete with your strengths and weaknesses.