Here’s How An Electric Fireplace Can Improve The Interior Design Of Your House

Your home should be a warm and cozy place. Thanks to the emergence of wall mounted electric fires, you can now provide heat to your residential space without having the need to burn wood. In a nutshell, an electric fire is an electric heater that replicates the look — and even the sound — of a traditional fireplace.

This is the very reason why many people are now switching from the conventional fireplace into a wall mounted electric fire. It’s easy to install, operate, and maintain. Besides functionality, it is also lauded for its aesthetic appeal. And this article discusses how this innovative product can improve the interior design of your house.

How It Works

Before delving into their interior design perks, let’s first shed light on how wall mounted electric fires work.

Typically, electric fires are equipped with metal coils to generate heat. Once the electricity heats these coils, a blower motor (or a fan) will force the warmed air into the room where the fireplace is located. In more modern versions, infrared technology is used to heat a particular area.

Electric fires also have an LED bulb and a refractor to recreate the look of traditional fireplaces’ flames. In some products, manufacturers install a certain device to produce a sound similar to a crackling fire.

What Are Its Perks

Over the past years, wall mounted electric fires have earned praise from interior design experts. Here are the best reasons why:

They are versatile. Electric fires can be installed in places where traditional ones aren’t typically suitable — such as apartments, condos, bookshelves, and even entertainment nooks. Because of their versatility, homeowners will have a lot of options when it comes to placing and installing their electric fireplaces.

They are available in different designs. Whether what you’re aiming for is a traditional, wooden look or a modern and more polished one, there’s a wide range of electric fires to match your design preference.

They are customisable. While electric fireplaces already come in different styles as mentioned, they can still be customised to fit your specific need. You can also choose to add extra features or accessories — like additional LED lights to change the colour of the flame into orange or blue.

They are cost-effective. Interior design is also all about choosing home products that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also cost-effective. Different electric fires are also available to fit different budget ranges. In the long run, these products will also help you save on money by reducing your utility bills.

Tips To Remember

When selecting a wall mounted electric fire for your place, always bear in mind the look and overall style — it should be cohesive with the theme of the area where it will be located.

You also have to take into account proper measurement — not only to ensure that it fits but also to guarantee that the fireplace can indeed supply enough heat. If you have a bigger room or you have a high ceiling, you’d need an electric fire that can efficiently work given this environment in your home.

As a safety measure, never place this fireplace near fabrics or any other object that can overheat and ignite.