Here’s All You Need to Know when it Comes to Under-eye Care

There’s no doubt that your health should be your utmost priority, and your lifestyle should support good health. However, with the development of technology, we end up using gadgets more than ever. Whether it is using a laptop for work, a mobile phone for video calling, or watch the television to relax, we are constantly looking at the screen. This affects us terribly by increasing the screen time that directly hampers our eyes. As we go down the road, we realize it causes puffiness accompanied by dark circles. But what is the solution? Should we see a doctor, or should we use a dark circles removal cream

Yes, life is not easy, and at times we feel stressed because of work, responsibilities, personal issues, and more. Too much stress does not allow us to sleep peacefully. Sadly, as we lay awake at night, what’s left behind are dark circles and puffy eyes. 

When an Allergic Reaction is Unknowingly Caused

Another major reason for the occurrence of dark circles, puffiness, and rashes is an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction can set off from any foreign particle; hence, people who stay outdoors longer or wear eye makeup need to be extra careful. When eye makeup is not replaced even after the expiry date, it sets off an allergic reaction. The itchiness and rashes leave behind dark circles along with puffiness. 

How Can We Combat This?

Reduce Your Screen Time

When you perform the daily work, try to keep track of how much time you spend in front of the screen. If your screen time is related to your work, you may not have much of a choice. However, you need to reduce your leisure screen time and divert yourself to other recreational activities. 

Wash Your Eyes

From time to time, you need to splash water on your eyes. This method will help you wash off the foreign particles and impurities that may linger and save you from unwanted irritation. If you use eye makeup, make sure you remove it thoroughly at the end of the day.

Use an Under Eye Cream

There are different ingredients like caffeine that can help in reducing dark circles and puffiness. So, it would help if you used a dark circles removal cream every day to nourish the under eyes and save yourself from problems. It is recommended that you use the dark circle removal cream 20 minutes prior to going to bed at night for best results.

Mamaearth Under Eye Crème with Cucumber & Caffeine for Dark Circles - 50ml

Hence, now we know that dark circles and puffiness are not difficult to handle. If we improve our lifestyle and use a good dark circles removal cream, we can combat this problem. When buying an under-eye cream, ensure you use natural products as your eyes are sensitive. Out of the several products available in the market, we found that the Under Eye Crème from Mamaearth works well on all skin types. It contains natural ingredients like cucumber and caffeine that help fight dark circles and additional problems like puffiness. With regular use, you can make your eyes shine the brightest like before. What Causes Dark Circles?

Before we start using a dark circles removal cream, we need to identify the key areas that lead to the problem discussed. 

When the Screen Time Increases

The first and foremost thing about having dark circles is longer screen time. As we keep looking at the screen, the rays hit our eyes directly. When we are working in the dark in front of the screen or binge-watch, the situation is worse because blue light affects our eyes directly. This may affect our vision in the long run, and the immediate effect can be dark circles. 

When Stress Piles Up