Here is the list of Top 5 Interior News Sites in the US

There are several news sites across the internet that report on the on-goings of the interior community, but only a few are the best in what they do. These top interior news sites are all the rage; from keeping up with the daily news to the ever-changing trends.

Interior news sites are a good place to pursue ideas for your dream living space. These top five interior news sites in the US hit just the spot. From regular news coverage to editorials and newsletters on the right way to allow more sun into the house, they have them all.

  1. Furniture, Lighting & Decor

Furniture, Lighting & Décor is a trusted magazine that prides itself on being a place that has combined information on the markets of furniture, lighting and décor for a home. It covers the crucial parts of the interior world.

This first issue of the publication was in the month of January in 2017. Under the instruction of Diane Falvey as the Editor-in-Chief, the publication has 40,000 readers across all platforms.

Apart from the monthly magazine, it also consists of various social media platforms, a website and weekly e-newsletters. It covers topics such as fans, rugs, pillows, mirrors among other things.

  1. Home Accents Today

This news site and publication has been providing interior information since the year 1986. Susan Dickenson serves as the Editor-in-Chief at the North Carolina office of the magazine.

Home Accents Today has a variety of publications such monthly issues, at-market daily issues, e-letters and podcasts that cater to the information needs of interior designers, manufacturers, retailers and buyers. It provides the industry with exclusive first looks into the upcoming trends of the season.

It specialises in news content based on home accents, as the name suggests. This consists of accent furniture, botanicals, decorative accessories, lighting, mirrors, tabletops, etc.

  1. EasyInterio

This description of the peppy news site is for being the one-stop dream destination for all interior professionals and DIYers. EasyInterio provides all the latest news along with opinions, interviews, updates and reviews. It also has information regarding interesting trends in the industry as well as deals to look into.

The digital publication dabbles in the Interior Décor and other related industries. It is also the perfect site to find and explore new décor ideas for your worn out home or for a new home as well.

The news site prides itself on bringing their readers carefully curated articles on a daily basis. They do so with the aim of inspiring young minds to flourish in the interior industry.

  1. Furniture Today

Furniture Today is a top industry news site with a weekly publication of the magazine. The first issue was in the year 1976, with a current office in North Carolina. BridgeTower Media currently holds the rights to the magazine.

The news site consists of the usual news, trends but is also known to publish capturing content on the current gossip along with research information and about the present market.

Furniture today has close to 185,000 visitors per month on their website,

  1. Home Textile Today

HTT is another wonderful publication that covers the home textiles market on print and the digital platform as well. They speak of bedding, rugs, accessories, windows and more.

They have a monthly magazine issue along with at-market daily publications and a website and an e-newsletter. Led by Jennifer Marks as the Editor-in-Chief its content is unique and informing.

Final Words

Here are some top interior news sites, in no particular order, for your interior needs and more.

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