Here Is the List of Questions Asked on Lighting Fixtures

Whenever a person is planning to renovate his house, it is always better to decide on the lighting fixtures that you would like to prefer. The right kind of lighting will not only make your house look beautiful, but will enhance the space too.

All the designers who work for their clients are always bombarded with lots of questions. One such place where you can get the best lighting fixtures is Sofary. They are one of the best lighting company in the US that has made it easier for clients to get lighting fixtures at affordable prices and that too from the manufacturers directly.

Before you plan to buy lighting, we are making this list for you to help you plan your list of questions too –

  1. When should you start planning for your lighting fixtures? If you are planning to renovate the house then start planning to change your lights too, which would go along with your new house look. This means, you need to get the right kind of lights incorrect numbers required to fix at the right locations.
  2. How much should be your budget for lighting? The budget will always be different for different works. People who wish to spend well on their projects, who want to make their house look elegant would always prefer to spend well on these lightings too.
  3. Why should I use LED lights when I can get halogen lights for less cost? Yes, that’s true. Halogen lights will cost you just one-third of the cost of LED, but when you compare their life, halogen lights will only survive for one year whereas LED comes with 5 years warranty. So, in short you are saving more by spending more on LED lights at the beginning itself.
  4. Can we use LED lights for floors with underfloor fittings? Yes, it is possible. This makes your room look uplifted, especially in rooms where there are issues with fitting lights on the ceiling due to pitched roof spaces. Here pre-planning of cabling and installation points needs to be done before the screed for underfloor fittings is laid.
  5. Can LED lights be fixed outside? Yes, you can. All you would be needed to do is to select the fittings with IP (Ingress Protection), which will protect your fittings from moisture and dirt outside.
  6. How to hide lightings in my ceiling? For this, you will have to work with your architect. He will suggest you a dropped ceiling with a ledge that will bear the lighting within it or there will be a ledge around the room containing the lights.
  7. Can sensors be used to switch the lights on and off? Yes, using sensor lights specially for corridors will be helpful during nighttime. It will feel like your home is more welcoming. The other places where you can use sensor lights would be wardrobe, utility rooms, or places where you will not be staying for long.