Here Is How You Can Achieve Work-Life Balance and Mental Health

Do you know how your office colleagues are doing these days? How long has it been since you had a friendly chit-chat with your “water cooler gossip partner”? Also how long has it been since you have thought about doing something for your deteriorating mental health? 

The coronavirus outbreak has not been kind to anyone. People all over the world are suffering from all kinds of mental health issues. During the pandemic the increase in depression, anxiety, and stress was visible but even now as the pandemic is receding from the picture, people are going through post-traumatic stress disorders

Let face it, the coronavirus outbreak has changed our lives in so many ways. As per research, 53% of Americans have felt that their mental health is been negatively affected due to the pandemic-induced lifestyle. 

Social isolation has been a major factor in this regard. Those who were habitual of waking up early and heading to their workplace suddenly were forced to self-isolate themselves. As a result of this, people not only avoided stepping out of their homes but also avoided having virtual interactions with colleagues and friends. 

47% of the employees part of the research have complained of facing increased stress and anxiety. This obvious increase of working from home managed to increase the stress of employees but the time has come to do more than just complaining. 

The Causes

Are you feeling stressed out, depressed, and have zero motivation to continue working from home? Studies believe that this has a lot to do with your work-life balance. The current data backs up these feelings as a new study by Asana shows that 89% of workers in America are facing stress since 2020. 

Remote work seemed to be a blessing when it was viewed from afar, but now that many are exercising this work mode it has become a nightmare. There are some ways to bring peace back into life by achieving the work-life balance, employees can get hold of their lifestyle. 

Following are some of the ways to find the much-needed balance: 

Set Boundaries

Easy to say, but we all know how difficult it can be to set boundaries while working from home. Especially with a troubled internet connection, being effective at remote work can be more difficult. 

A simple way is to have Cox Internet for time management but there are other ways as well. 

Especially if you are new to the job or a career path then having to set boundaries at work will be a lot more difficult. However, there are a few factors as to why we are unable to create boundaries and a proper working style for ourselves. 

One of the factors is saying “ yes” to everything. At work, saying yes to all work can often be confused as motivated and hardworking. Sometimes saying yes to the work of other and forced work can increase your distress and can steal already existing motivation in you. 

If you are struggling with creating boundaries at work, start saying no. Learn to say no without being too abrasive, but say ”no” for your well-being. 

Copy Schedules

If you are continuing to work from home, or your company is determined to take this new work mode throughout the year then you need to take this seriously. We all know that this working model came abruptly and many of us were unprepared. But now it has also been a year into this working model and it is time to get normalized with it. 

To do this you need to fit in the right schedules. The easiest way is to copy your work schedule and routine into a remote working routine. Only this way you will be able to wake up on time and get done with your tasks when the clock strikes 5:00 PM. 

Cell Phone Detox

We all are using our smartphones more than ever. Putting them on hold can be the most difficult thing but it will impact your mental health. So why can’t you try? 

As per studies, 35% of Americans check their phones more than 50 times a day. Another study has found that more than 47% of American phone users say that they can not live a day without their phones. 

If all this is not alarming, we don’t know what is. Whether or not you understand this right now, but start putting your cell phone on hold while you are working. 

Start Prioritizing What’s Important

There are a lot of things that you might find important than your well-being but trust us, there is nothing more worthy than mental health.