Here Are The Top Winter Wellness Destinations In 2022/2023 

Today’s world is more technically and scientifically advanced than ever, and such advances give access to many modern comforts and amenities in destination.  

However, despite modern conveniences, one survey report showed that people are sadder than ever, with four out of ten adults self-reporting worry/ stress, physical pain, or sadness. 

Therefore, taking time out to be in tune with your physical and emotional state is vital, and winter is the perfect time to take a wellness retreat. One study established a link between wellness retreats and improvements in various health dimensions.  

Therefore, below are the top wellness retreats to visit this winter. 

1. Hestia Magic (California) 

One of the primary drawbacks of modern living is that most individuals tend to let their creative side fall by the wayside due to the pressures of daily living. Consequently, most individuals harbor transformative creations and innovations in various fields but lack the courage, time, and space to execute them. If you are feeling this innate desire to channel and live your creative passion, then Hestia Magic is the place to be this winter. 

Hestia Magic retreat in Mount Shasta is a serene winter wellness retreat hosting a comprehensive creative incubation program. The retreat encourages leaning into winter, the silence, solitude, and the healing power of mountain air to understand your responses and boost creativity. It offers a dedicated time and space for you to execute your creative vision and dedicated one-on-one coaching and mentorship to keep you aligned with your vision. 

Besides coaching, the four-month-long retreat includes accommodation in eco-cabins and an opportunity to work on land stewardship projects. Moreover, you get private access to powerful energy spots, including walking trails and a flowing creek. Hestia Magic also offers creative incubation retreat participants office space and high-speed internet for online work. 

However, the winter retreat has an eligibility criterion. It welcomes applications with a clear creative vision/idea, confidence, willingness to learn, commitment to something greater than self and spiritual growth, and the need for a space to create something transformative. Hestia Magic encourages previous visitors with a strong connection to the land to apply for the winter retreat. 

2. Euphoria Retreat Winter Wellness With Immunity Reset (Greece) 

Euphoria Retreat in Peloponnese, Greece, is Greece’s premier holistic well-being hotel spa. The resort is a mountain getaway on a foothill surrounded by acres of private pine forests and features a garden incorporating all five energies. It provides a therapeutic environment and professionals from western and traditional medicine to improve well-being by boosting immunity. 

Euphoria’s immunity reset program entails medical testing, antioxidant Mediterranean nutrition, targeted body workouts (including outdoor movement practices), and mind and body rebalancing therapies. Rebalancing therapies are techniques around awareness, consciousness, and touch to restore a state of harmony in the body. One study on rebalancing the brain’s rumination circuit proved the body of techniques efficacious in managing anxiety, depression, and maladaptive rumination. 

Other techniques in the immunity reset retreat include breathing exercises, acupuncture, group mind detox, salt room, personal training sessions, and detox cupping massages. Wellness professionals, including therapists, shall guide and inspire you to make positive lifestyle changes to improve your metabolism and immunity. Euphoria Retreat offers two metabolic retreat packages, a five-day package and a seven-day package. 

3. Habitas Alula Thuraya Wellness Center (Saudi Arabia) 

While some lean into the winter, others prefer to recharge in a sunny escape during winter. If you would rather retreat into a sunny paradise this winter, the Habitas Alula Thuraya Wellness Center in Saudi Arabia is right up your alley.  

The desert retreat is an award-winning center, having scooped the top position as 2022’s Best Wellness Retreat in the World Spa Awards. Habitas Alula is literally an oasis where weary souls go to relax, rejuvenate and find clarity. 

The Wellness Center uses botanical ingredients unique to Saudi Arabia and timeless Middle-eastern practices to induce healing and rejuvenation. Moreover, the center’s stunning environment featuring sandstone cliffs, amazing rock formations, and palm groves allow you to stay in tune with nature while you recover from modern-day dresses. 

Besides relaxation, you can indulge in various wellness activities during your three-day wellness stay at the spa. The activities include power yoga on a yoga deck, high-intensity fitness training at the fitness center, sunrise hikes, and sound meditation under the stars. 

4. Rejuvenation And Immunity At Ananda In The Himalayas (India) 

Ananda In the Himalayas is an integrative well-being retreat center focusing on Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), mindfulness, and healthy cuisine to boost immunity. It provides various services, including rejuvenating spa holidays, introductory wellness programs, and comprehensive wellness programs to address diverse consumer needs. 

Spend this winter at the award-winning luxury spa to immersive tailored experiences, including Ayurveda under multi-generational healers and doctors, emotional healing, and cleansing therapies. Moreover, cooking demos, lectures, workshops, you, fitness, and hydrotherapy. 

Besides the facilities, the retreat center’s superb location in a forested area overlooking the Ganges River allows you to commune with nature. Contact the spa beforehand to request personalized assistance on your guided journey toward rejuvenation.  

5. Forestis Brixen (Italy) 

Forestis Brixen Spa Hotel in Italy is another place where you can lean into the winter season to improve your overall well-being. The Alpine mountain holiday destination features accommodations and facilities designed to allow you to experience nature like never before. It enjoys proximity to mountain forests and the dolomite UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the glass walls in various facilities enhance indoor-outdoor living. 

The retreat adopts the Celt’s natural doctrine. Therefore, wellness activities at the center include Celtic yoga, ice bathing, and Wyda yoga. Besides accommodation, wellness facilities include a silence room, treatment rooms, saunas, fitness rooms (using healing woods and stones), and an indoor-outdoor rock pool. 

Nutrition is also a crucial pillar at the mountain-peak retreat. Building on the Celt doctrine, Forestis Brixen cultivates the ingredients for preparing guest meals in the forest. It also utilizes gathering, foraging, and natural food production techniques for everything on its menu.  

Also, guests quench their third using pure spring water. Therefore, plan a wellness holiday to the snowy winter retreat to reap the benefits of high altitude, preventive healing, and holistic regeneration. 


The winter break is the perfect time to reflect on your year and plan for the coming year and a wellness holiday is a perfect place for such retrospection. Therefore, consider booking a trip to one of the wellness destinations above to improve your overall well-being. 

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