Here Are the Top Reasons to Using Kodi with a VPN

VPNs are good to keep your online activities secure and private to you only. But, there are more good reasons to use a VPN while streaming on Kodi. A VPN can let you access content from anywhere around the world, depending on its server range. 

Whether you are looking for a VPN with Canada IP, or USA IP, a good VPN service will get you all your desired IPs with its huge server range. 

In this blog, we will explain to you why do you need a VPN for Kodi.  

A VPN is Must to Use with Kodi- Here Are the Reasons Why
  1. It lets you use unofficial Kodi add-ons without a risk 

If you are a Kodi fan, and usually use unofficial Kodi add-ons to quickly access all your favorite shows and movies for free then a VPN is required. It hides your browsing history even from your ISP and enables you to safely browse and stream on Kodi.

A VPN encrypts your data, so no one can ever track what you are doing on the internet. Similarly, your ISP will never come to know that you are using unofficial Kodi add-ons. 

It makes your ISP completely unaware of your online activities, also, a VPN disable your internet service provider (ISP) to sell your data to US government claiming that you are pirating the content online. 


  1. Early Access to the Games Before Release 

If you want to enjoy the games earlier, even before the rollout in your region, then you can do it with a VPN. Using a VPN with Kodi, allows you to play games earlier than its release in your country. 

All you need to do is change your server location to the country where the game is releasing earlier than your country. Play it before all your friends and family members, and tell them how it was.


  1. Enjoy Anonymity from the Servers you’re Downloading 

A VPN is not limited to secure your connection from the ISP. It also gets you complete freedom from the servers you are downloading from. It means that if you are downloading anything from a server using a VPN, then the server will no longer be able to identify your IP address any location. Instead of your real IP address, the server will only track your VPN proxy that is shielding your traffic. 


  1. VPN Breaks the Kodi Blocks 

There may be some Kodi servers that are limited to work in certain locations. It means that you will be restricted to that content, because it will only be available in a few countries. A VPN, will allow you to select a server location as per your choice, enabling you to connect with your desired country. 

When you change your VPN server location, it provides you with an IP address of your chosen country, hence, the server considers you belonging from the same country, and the content automatically gets unblocked for you. 

How to Install a VPN on Kodi

If you also want to install a VPN on Kodi, then here’s how to do it: 

  • Subscribe to a VPN service 
  • Download the VPN app on your device 
  • Open the VPN App
  • Login to your account (using the same username and password that you used at sign up) 
  • Tap the connect button and select any location 
  • You’re now connected. 
What to consider before subscribing to a VPN for Kodi

If you want to subscribe to a VPN service for experiencing a secure Kodi, then keep the following considerations in mind. 

  • First you have to see that the VPN you are choosing must be compatible with Kodi. ExpressVPN,FastestVPN,Surfshark, Cyber-Ghost and NordVPN all are compatible with Kodi. 
  • Also, look for strong encryption features, strict no logs policy to ensure that you’re using a trusted VPN for your Kodi app.
  • Speed should also be in your list because it gets frustrating to stream with a sluggish speed. Always read users reviews before selecting a VPN service to make sure that it is good to go. 
  • Don’t forget to check the number of servers a VPN provider is offering. The more, the better. If your VPN provider is offering a good server range, it means you will unblock maximum content from around the world. It mainly depends on the VPN’s server range therefore, check the number of servers before buying a VPN. 
  • Your VPN must be easy to set up. Don’t go for the complex or hard to set up VPNs. 
  • P2P functionality should be available. 
  • Should support unlimited bandwidth. 
How important is it to use a VPN with Kodi?

It depends on how you see the online security. Cybercrimes are at an ever-increasing rate. Using Kodi without a VPN increases the chance to lose your data when you stream with Kodi. However, using a VPN will provide the added security through which you stream online without the risk of being hacked or tracked. 

Moreover, since everyone knows that Kodi is an open-source platform therefore, there are more chances of password or data leaks hence, using a VPN seems legit. 

Wrapping Up

Data loss is possible if you are using Kodi without a VPN. A VPN will secure your connection and enable you to freely browse the internet without the risk of being tracked. Install a VPN that supports Kodi and enjoy unlimited games and movies on Kodi without losing your privacy.