Here are the restaurants and cafes in Doha, Qatar you should visit

One of the city’s best fish restaurants is Al Mahara, which serves gourmet seafood and famous Middle Eastern cuisine. Reasonable prices will also be a pleasant addition to the meal; the restaurant’s specialities’ cost does not exceed 25 euros. Fans of gourmet cuisine can be recommended to visit the Market by Jean-Georges restaurant, where guests can try the most popular international dishes. It accepts guests until late in the evening; an exciting entertainment program is always held for guests.

For fans of Italian cuisine, the La Dolce Vita restaurant is more suitable. This is a cosy and calm place where you can have a great evening and taste your favourite dishes in “oriental style”.

In addition to ordering, guests will definitely be offered a choice of wine; the collection of drinks in La Dolce Vita is as impeccable as the menu.

An attractive establishment is the Spice Market Asian restaurant. In the mornings, many visitors always gather here to drink coffee and enjoy fresh pastries, and in the evening, large companies like to relax in the restaurant.

The Thai Snack and Massage restaurant, one of the best budget establishments in the city, is perfect for a family holiday. During the daytime, guests are offered special budget lunches. If desired, visitors can order takeaway meals.

In recent years, Doha has been one of the most multicultural cities globally, with people from various countries living here. It is not surprising that restaurants of a wide variety of culinary trends are widespread in the city. Still, it is challenging to find authentic restaurants of regional cuisine here. There are widespread restaurants in the city that offer classic Arabic, Indian and Pakistani cuisine and European restaurants.

Practical tips to keep in mind when visiting Qatar

  • The most common type of urban transport is a taxi, the rates for which are very modest. The fare depends on the time of day; at night, taxi services will cost twice as much as during the day.
  • The most valuable time for stay in Qatar is the period from April to May. Early-maturing fall is also an outstanding opportunity to travel. At this time, the mildest weather reigns, and in the summer months, the average temperature is + 35 ° C.
  • Bargaining is a must in local markets. Many sellers deliberately inflate the price of the goods, counting on the ignorance of tourists. You also need to have a sufficient number of small denomination bills with you, so it will be easier to settle accounts with sellers.
  • Travellers who anticipate visiting eateries and cafes must pay proper attention to local citizens. If there are many visitors in the restaurant hall, you can be sure that the restaurant has been selected correctly.
  • Doha frequently entertains enjoyable trade fairs and displays dedicated to numerous crafts. You should find out about the dates of their holding in advance, often at such events, you can buy an exciting handmade product.
  • Although the official language is Arabic, many locals express well in English. Staff in resorts, establishments and big shopping centres can also speak various foreign languages.
  • The day off in shops and government offices is Friday, and on Thursday, the working day can be shortened. There may be a lunch break in various institutions; usually, it lasts no more than two hours.
  • Vacationers should take into account that it is impossible to photograph local residents without their consent.
  • We recommend using car-hire in Doha, Qatar to get around. You may need a driving license from your home country and a credit card with the required amount of deposit in your account to rent a car. Travellers who want to rent a car for more than ten days may need to get a temporary driver’s license from the local government. It should be noted that the cost of car rental is relatively low and ranges from USD 25 per day.*

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For history lovers:

There are very few restaurants in Doha where you can taste traditional Bedouin cuisine. Historically, meat was in short supply for regional cuisine. The basis of cooking in Doha is seafood, legumes and rice, and fruits and vegetables are also actively used in cooking. A distinctive feature of the local cuisine is the active use of all kinds of spices and herbs.

When heading to one of Doha’s restaurants in the morning, expect to be served a reasonably light breakfast. A typical local breakfast consists of cheese, yoghurt, fresh bread and coffee, and sometimes olives to complement such light meals. It is customary to eat more hearty dishes here; fish with fresh or boiled vegetables is considered a classic.

Having visited one of the regional restaurants, you should definitely try “warak enab” – grape leaves stuffed with rice. The filling for this dish can be prepared in various ways, so each chef will undoubtedly have his own exciting secrets. One of the most common meat dishes is called biryani, a rice dish with lamb or chicken cooked with a lot of spices.