Here are the four notable ayurvedic treatments and their benefits

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest medicinal treatments, developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.

According to ayurvedic practices, health and wellness depend on the perfect balance between the body and spirit. Ayurveda is the treatment used to promote good health, not fight disease. However, medicines may be geared toward specific health problems.

Ayurvedic is considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine in the USA. Despite the many ayurvedic treatments that have proven their significance in curing different diseases, those treatments are considered notable in Ayurveda practices.


  1. Medically induced vomiting or Vamanan

This therapy is specifically for those with respiratory and sinus problems. In Vamanam,the therapist induces vomiting in a person to clear the toxins in the sinuses and respiratory system through natural products and herbs. The vomiting stopped once the medicine was removed from the body.

This treatment benefits you if you have Leucoderma (skin disease), Asthma, All Kapha diseases, and respiratory conditions.

  • Medically induced purgation or Virechanam

Virechanam is a medically induced fecal expulsion procedure,especiallyto purify the digestive tract, the liver, and the pancreas. The therapy aims to cure digestive disorders, digestion-related skin disorders, and eye diseases. For this treatment, the practitioner usually gives you medicine in the early morning and advises you to drink warm water, the process gradually moves with time, and one will be under the complete care of an expert.

  • Enema or Snehavasthy

Snehavasthy is an enema process where medicated oil is used to cleanse the intestines, expelling waste and toxins, and oil the intestines to keep them functioning well.

Snehavasthy is conducted after a meal so that it flows with the natural rhythm of the body’s waste-elimination process. The person is made to lie comfortably, and medicated oil is gently transferred to the rectum with a syringe, applying constant pressure to move upwards into the intestines. Thisspecially medicated oil then binds with the waste material in the intestine to cleanse the organs, nourish them, and make them smooth for functioning.

  • Herbal enema or Kashayavasthy

Preparing the herbal mix is rigorous, with a specific sequence of ingredients. The person needs to be ready for the procedure by conducting Snehakarma and Swedanakarma to make them fully receptive to this therapy.

While lying in a comfortable lateral pose, the mix, slightly warmed, is gently introduced into the anus through constant firm pressure. The medicinal herbs in the oil mix nourish the lower digestive tract, clearing and nourishing it.

As these practices require a proper practitioner, you might need a good place with experts in Ayurvedic treatments. The reason for that is all of the techniques mentioned above may get critical if an amateur person helps you; moreover, they might become fatal if you do it by yourself.

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