Here Are The Amazing Advantages Of Deep Breathing Exercises

Breathing is a simple process in which air is inhaled and exhaled from our nostrils. The main motive of breath is to fulfil the oxygen requirement in our body. As we know our body system relies on oxygen whether its metabolism, digestion or cognition, oxygen is a necessity for the organs and other biological processes.

However, from the last few decades, many yoga practitioners are still using deep breathing exercises which helps them in reducing mental stress and fatigue. If deep breathing is practised in the right way, then it will give several physical and psychological health benefits.

I will start mentioning the benefits of deep breathing first so that you can understand how deep breathing helps you in the mental and physical being.

Benefits Of Deep Breathing

  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Stimulates Lymphatic System
  • Deep Breathing Relaxes Mind And Body
  • Deep Breathing Release Tension
  • Deep Breathing Technique Also Strengthen The Immune System

Hence as said above deep breathing will help you to relax your body and mind. When you begin to practice deep breathe it calms your body resulting in decreasing of stress. At the time of deep breathing, our body secretes endorphin (a chemical substance released by the pituitary gland which reduces the feeling of pain). Inhalation of air in abundant amount supplies a sufficient amount of oxygen to the blood, which is necessary to increase your immunity. Due to the presence of adequate oxygen, your energy level and stamina increases.

Now as you know what are the amazing benefits of deep breathing but there are some techniques that should we should know. Therefore in this section, I will mention the easy and basic steps that will guide you through deep breathing:

Things to be remembered before doing deep breathing exercises:

  1. First, you have to sit in a comfortable position ( you can also lie on a flat surface).
  2. You have to relax your shoulder muscle by rotating it five times each (clockwise and anti-clockwise)
  3. Put one of your hand in your chest and another on your stomach.
  4. During breathing, you have to experience the air passing through your nostrils to the lungs. Hold your breath for 10-12 seconds then exhale the air slowly through your mouth for 5-6 seconds.
  5. During these whole process, you have to make sure that you as stomach must contract and expand.
  6. You have to repeat this process daily in the early morning to get the best result.

Now let’s start with five useful deep breathing exercises :

Pursed Lip Breathing Techniques

In this breathing exercise, you have to slow down your breath. It can be done during walking or going upstairs. In this technique, oxygen moves into your lungs and carbon dioxide move out. Pursed Lip breathing keep airways open for a longer period so you don’t catch yourself in shortness of breath.

Breathing By Pulling Out Your Tongue

This breathing exercises, generally known as the Lion’s breath. You have to pull out your tongue during the time of breathing. It helps in reducing reduce tension. This technique stimulates the nerves on your face and eye, which is helpful to keep your eyes and face healthy

Breathing Through Alternate Nostrils

This type of breathing is practiced by most of the people. You have to close one of your nostrils and breathe from the other. It is beneficial if you do this exercise on an empty stomach. It is helpful for a person suffering from heart diseases. If you want to harvest its benefits, then you should practice this exercise in an open area with fresh air.

Sama-Vritti ( Equal Breath )

You have to make sure that your inhalation and exhalation durations are equal in this breathing exercise. If you are inhaling for 10 seconds, you have to exhale for 10 seconds. These exercises make your breathing smooth and help you to bring stability.

Breathe Like A Bee (Bhramari)

First, you have to close your eyes. Place your first finger on your ear canal such that nothing is audible to you. Use your other finger to cover one of your nostrils. Breathe slowly and make a sound like a bee. Doing these exercises regularly is very beneficial. It is helpful for those who are suffering from stress and hypertension.

Final Words:

No doubt, deep breathing exercises are very much helpful for the human body. It not only increases the physical health of a person but also develops mental capabilities. Many people are adding this breathing exercise in their routine for its effective results. If you are suffering from any of the psychological and physical health problems, you must give a try to these breathing exercises. The main advantage is that you can cure your illness without spending any money. It also has no side effects so you can try it without any fear.

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