Here are some things you can do to take care of your phone

If you are still wondering how your phone can be equipped with a battery that has a triple capacity compared to a few years ago, find out that the things can change. To run out of power before the end of the day is extremely annoying. The answer lies in the operating mode.

If you have turned your gadget into a burden horse, you should review the way you charge it, use it and maintain it so as not to reduce its value prematurely and so as not to cause it unnecessarily costly damage.

Reasons why the phone battery is draining quickly

We would be tempted to believe that the battery depletes its resources when it is actively required to the maximum, by running applications with high graphics requirements. Despite this impression, some factors may seem less important, but that affect the battery life of all phone models in the long run:

  • excessive screen brightness in the evening;
  • inadvertent activation of the Wi-Fi antenna for a long time;
  • running unused applications in the background;
  • maintaining the location function unnecessarily active;
  • lack of an updated operating system.

Which applications consume energy the most?

As you probably already suspect, the most beloved mobile applications are the ones that will drain your energy resources. Nobody says you should give them up, but it is advisable to limit the time spent in these applications if you want to save the phone energy reserves. Among the most energy-intensive mobile applications are:

  • Social Media Applications (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, WeChat);
  • Streaming apps (Youtube, Netflix, HBO Go, Spotify);
  • Navigation apps (Google Maps, Waze).

How to charge your phone correctly?

You may be among those who are vigilant about how they use their mobile phone, but you still fail to reach the end of a day with a sufficient percentage of battery charge. You may make some errors while charging your phone. If you want to save your iphone battery, you can apply the following preventive measures:

  • use chargers only in good working condition;
  • never fully charge the battery to reduce wear and tear;
  • perform a full charge of the samsung battery once a month to reformat the device;
  • if you have a fast charger, choose not to use it every time, but alternate use with a classic one.

What charger should you use?

There are situations in which you do not have the opportunity to use the original charger of your phone, but you must pay special attention to the alternative ways of charging your phone. You can use a universal charger, a car charger, or an external battery, but you can also charge your phone directly from your PC via a power cord. Whichever way you choose, it is more than advisable that the device you use is manufactured by a certified manufacturer and is compatible with your gadget.

Tips to follow regarding the phone battery

Throughout the existence of your phone, it is good to implement some simple methods to protect it and prolong its life. If you want not only the battery but also the device to have a long life, apply a series of useful tips from FirstHelpTech specialists:

  • give up dynamic wallpapers and choose a static, monochrome one;
  • periodically close applications that you do not use;
  • uses a low level of screen illumination;
  • disable phone vibration;
  • at night leave the phone switched off or in economy mode.

The batteries of our mobile phones are more efficient than ever, but the requests they have to respond to are remarkable. With the tips above you will know exactly how to best preserve each dash that indicates the level of battery charge for autonomy hours.

If you need an phone battery and you want your device to enjoy quality spare parts, choose FirstHelpTech professionals. Contact them you want to buy an iphone replacement battery  or samsung battery and choose the battery you need.