Here are a few pointers to deal with the air pollution in Delhi

Delhi stands on the list of one of the most polluted places in the world. This problem requires urgent attention and action to restore air parameters. It will benefit in maintaining the good health of not only the citizens dwelling there but also the population who visits this city annually. Make sure to book a doctor’s appointment if you feel uneasy or unwell or have any breathing or skin issues. Here are a few solutions that can play a vital role in Delhi air pollution reduction, which has hit the peak of 485 AQI, leaving behind the safety point of less than 100 AQI for humans.


It would stand out as encouraging if a separate lane is created for all the four-wheelers that have more than three passengers, thus taking a step towards car-pooling and reducing air pollution that is traffic-based.

Making more use of bicycles:

Many out there might feel unsafe riding on the same lane with bicycles where bikes and other four-wheelers speed out. There should be marked lanes for all those who wish to enjoy a bicycle ride encouraging safe travel. Citizens should also know that it’s good to ride off on bicycles once in a while.

Avoid morning walks:

Try and refrain from morning walks. Exercising is healthy but exercising in a toxic atmosphere is not. Also, if you find any skin allergy or other health issues, consult a doctor at the earliest. Make sure you consult the best. For skin diseases, you’ll find a few best dermatologists in Pune.

Public transport:

If you take a look, there are many positive sides of using public transport to cross your route. Not only is it affordable, but also safe and would surely help control pollution. Let’s hang up our social status and take measures to save the world.

Encourage CNG vehicles:

It would be amazing to replace the petrol and diesel four-wheelers with CNG vehicles helping reduce the taxes too. It would be pleasing to see all the daily number of cars, 1400 cars added every day on Delhi road, either get reduced or replaced by CNG vehicles. Also, make sure to wear a mask and, at the moment of uneasiness, book a doctor’s appointment.

Encourage bigger trucks:

Encouraging bigger vehicles will help increase payload/truck and reduce the regular number of trucks on the road. Also, there should be strict rules about trucks reaching their destination only by using the allotted bypass and not the regular public roads or through Delhi.

Improve road signs:

Due to poor conditions of road signs, people have to take longer routes even when the desired destinations are much closer. Improving the conditions of the signboard and placing signposts several times before the turn would avoid mistakes and extra travel.

Proper road maintenance:

Good roads will help to reduce the duration bikes, and four-wheelers take to cross the route.

Try to share the ride:

By developing websites that can encourage shared taxi rides and services, the transport department can help reduce pollution. Building new stands for shared taxis and cabs will reduce the pollution and fare paid by two individuals sharing the same route and booking personal taxis. Citizens should also be aware of their health at the same time, and in case of skin allergies, consult doctors. You find a list of the best dermatologists in Pune.

Avoid burning waste:

Burning of dry degradable waste, useless tires, etc., should be strictly avoided and considered a crime with charging a fine to people who continue with the burning of waste as it majorly contributes to the air pollution. Citizens should themselves be responsible and asked to report these happenings in their surroundings immediately. If anyone faces a health problem, they should see the best doctors around. Skin rashes and other skin conditions shouldn’t be neglected. In this case, you’ll find the best dermatologists in Pune city and try consulting them.

Making more use of solar panels:

Citizens should be encouraged to make more use of solar panels, especially those who live in multi-storied buildings, as the cost of these panels has reduced considerably. This will efficiently retire the coal-based thermal power plants reducing the air pollution of the city.

Change in power backup:

Citizens should try and replace the diesel generators with inverters for power backup supply. This is a major step and should be followed till the AQI of the city reaches below 200.


There should be better management of the landfills by the government, ensuring there are no fires around the place.

Citizens should also take measures to take good care of their health by regularly taking steam, purifying houses and vehicles, ventilating home, making more use of air purifiers, etc., and in case of emergency health issues, take a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.