Here are a few facts about the Pakistani NADRA platform

NADRA , the National Database and Registration Authority, an independent and autonomous agency created under the Interior Secretary of Pakistan regulating government databases and statistically managing sensitive registration database of all the national citizens of the country finally launched an online facility to get Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) at people’s doorsteps.


The agency also issues computerized national identity cards to citizens of Pakistan, maintaining sensitive information in Government databases and securing the digital, national identities of its citizens from theft. It is currently one of the largest government database institutions, with over 11,000 employees in more than 800 domestic offices and five international offices.


Created and protected by the Second Amendment of the Pakistani Constitution in 2000, NADRA granted powers to handle the civil registration and databases of Pakistan’s citizens. All of these have to be kept under extreme secrecy to guarantee the safety of the information. The CNIC (computerised national identity card) issued by NADRA to Pakistani citizens was introduced in 2000 and in two years had over 89.5 million registrations.



How do Pakistanis apply for their National Identity Card Online?


The online platform saved hours that people spent waiting in lines, making multiple trips to collect forms, gathering documents, and waiting for their verification. The entire process can now be handled online in less than an hour if all the required certificates are in place. Here is the process of handling the registration online.


  • Create an account by visiting the official Nadra online website
  • Receive a PIN code on the phone number and email ID associated with the account
  • Log in to the platform using this PIN


  • Read the terms and conditions before committing to anything and if you agree with them, accept the
  • Select the identify card option and begin filling out the application forms
  • Upload pictures and scans of supporting documents whenever asked
  • Get the application forms attested by an officer and upload them to the website again
  • Pay the fees and collect the payment receipt


The website will send the phone number and email ID associated with the account, a verification message two days after submitting all their information.



What tasks need an applicant to apply for a CNIC through the NADRA platform?


According to Pakistani law, the CNIC is only provided to a Pakistani citizen after turning 18 years old, however, they can be associated with their parent’s cards before that. Additionally, it is not compulsory to carry the card everywhere but it is required that every citizen possesses one.


Some of the tasks that cannot be handled in Pakistan without a CNIC are:


  • Voting
  • Creating and operating bank accounts
  • Applying for a passport
  • Making major financial transactions and purchases, for instance, of vehicles or land
  • Applying for a driver licence
  • Purchasing a plane or train travel ticket
  • Applying for a mobile phone SIM card
  • Obtaining electricity, gas, and water connection
  • Applying for study in college or other post-graduate institutes
  • Conducting major
  • Setting up businesses

The card was therefore seen as a requirement to convenient and peaceful living in Pakistan.


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