There are hundreds and thousands of powerful women who are determined to succeed in life. These women do not let their minds or society limit their capabilities. They are free, energetic, passionate, and full of life.However, many such women fail to achieve their dreams and fulfill their life goals, despite their high energy levels, unparalleled passion, and determination. Not because their dreams are unachievable or their goals are far-sighted but because their efforts are unorganized and they lack direction.

Even the most determined people need a push in the right direction and a guiding light that they can follow. Angelica Lazo, a powerful single mother, fought poverty, domestic violence, homelessness, and worst living conditions, but came out much stronger. From being homeless to starting a business, even she got a push in the right direction, which changed her life forever. She was not only successful in standing up on her feet, providing her daughter with a stable life, but also started helping other powerful and determined women succeed in life.

Fighting Adversities in Life – Never Giving Up

Life and adversity go side by side. The adversities that people have to face, shape their personalities, their mindsets, and even help them understand their true purpose in life. Angelica Lazo is one of those women who displayed exceptional courage and resilience throughout her life. She set up Angelica Lazo the coach LLC in 2020 to help all those women who have the courage, power, and determination, but are lacking in direction.

Her childhood was not of a kind that people dream about; it was full of challenges and hardships. She was born to parents who were both immigrants from Managua, Nicaragua. Her family relocated to the United States when Angelica was just seven years old.

After relocating, she found herself stuck in an abusive relationship. It was one of the toughest parts of her life. She was a victim of domestic violence and even gave birth to a daughter. Her life turned into a dark tunnel, with an end nowhere to be seen. Despite that, she kept running, and she kept fighting, as she was not only responsible for her life, but she had to take care of her daughter. She had to act as a shield for her daughter and save her from the evils of the world.

However, she did not let the difficulties get in her way, and she went to college while raising her daughter as a single mother. Keeping up a balance in her life was tough, but she did it for the sake of her little one. She wanted to become a role model for her princess so that she could turn into a queen one day.

She completed her Bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Marketing,after which she pursued a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. After graduating,she started working two jobs as she had to support her daughter and even fulfill her dreams. Even in a life full of adversities, this passionate woman dared to dream, fashion. It was one of those industries that inspired her and encouraged her to step into it. To prepare herself for her business, she worked in corporate America in management, IT, marketing, and the retail world. It helped her acquire the necessary skills which could help her set up her own business.

Finally, in 2010 she launched Tallyrenee, a clothing line. However, things did not turn in her favor, and the venture was unsuccessful. To achieve her dreams, she moved to Los Angeles, California, with her daughter. She got a great job in the city, things were about to move uphill, but in 2015, she hit rock bottom when her daughter had a major car accident, where she was the only survivor. The accident broke her financially as well as mentally, and to make things worse, she ended up homeless. She was in a state, coming out of which seemed impossible.

The Light at the End of a Dark Tunnel

While struggling through bankruptcy and homelessness, Angelica met her guardian angels, a couple where the husband was a career coach. They helped her get a stable job and assisted her in building a beautiful life for herself and her daughter.

Angelica, a woman who was powerful and strong, was determined to create something of her own. She wanted to use her personal experiences to help other women succeed in life. The career coach she came across encouraged her to pursue coaching as a career. It even helped her realize how she has coached hundreds of people in life and how she fought through the challenges that life brought in front of her.

She was highly impressed by the transformational process that coaching career provided. It was much similar to the transformational process of fashion, which was something she was always passionate about. She started working towards her coaching business.

After moving back to Florida, she decided to take a step. She combined her personal experience with her 15 years of corporate experience and laid the foundation of her online coaching business, Angelica Lazo, the Coach LLC.

Angelica believes that every day in her life is a lesson and an opportunity to grow. She wanted to improve her business to help all-powerful women get a direction in life, which leads them to success. Angelica was able to become a Certified Life Coach, Brand Coach, Business Coach, Mindfulness Life Coach, Transformation Life Coach, and LAW attraction life coach. She even became an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited entrepreneur.

A Coach that has Been Through it All

What makes Angelica an exceptional brand strategy & business coachis not her certifications and qualifications, but it’s the fact that she has built her business from scratch. She was living a life in a dark tunnel, where the only hope and motivation was her daughter. She showed phenomenal bravery and courage, which led her towards her success.

Angelica not only has transformed her and her 18-year-old daughter’s life but also helped shape the lives of countless other women. Building a business is not easy, and Angelica, through her Millennial Visionary Brand + Business Academy™, is making things simple. For all women who are struggling to succeed in building their brand, Angelica Lazo comes as a light of hope for all of them. Currently engaged to her soul mate, this powerful woman is an epitome of courage, perseverance, and patience, who uses her online coaching platform to transform lives.


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