Helpful Tips to Keep Your Sofa Clean and Stain-Free

Shopping for the sofa set can be a tedious task and so it is to maintain it. There are various types of sofas available in the market. The maintenance procedure is different for every item. Maintenance of the sofas is important because they an expensive piece of furniture in your home and you cannot think of buying them every year. When you maintain your sofa well, it will last longer and you can create good memories sitting on them with your family. No matter what material you use for your sofa, they will eventually keep absorbing dirt and make them look dull and stained. Indoor pollutants, pet dander, food particles, and liquid spills often attack the sofa. Hence, it becomes crucial to keep them clean and tidy.

How to keep your sofa neat and tidy?

A small investment in maintenance can save the huge cost of repair and replacement of the sofa. Some of the easy suggestions are mentioned below:

  • Use the fabric protectors

Nowadays no one likes to use bulky sofa covers or towels to protect the sofa from unwanted stains. These covers spoil the overlook look of the furniture. You can opt for fabric protectors that are available in a liquid form. They are packed in spray bottles and it obstructs the spills from seeping inside the sofa and making a dark stain.

  • Vacuum cleaners or lint rollers

If you have pets at home; a lint roller comes in handy to remove the pet hair from the sofa. This technique is easy to use and technically effective to deal with pet hair. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt and dust that have settled on the surface of the sofa. When you vacuum the sofa regularly, you can demolish the allergens from the sofa. 

  • Buy slipcovers

While purchasing a new sofa, never forget to buy a slipcover along with it. The slipcovers are not like the hefty sofa covers with rough fabric. Slipcovers come in soft fabrics that cover the couch entirely. You can easily put them one and remove them as per your preference. The slipcovers are mandatory when you have kids or pets at home. It will protect your sofa from stains and will give up the new look.

  • Seek professional help

Even if you have a sofa on rent, it is important to keep it clean. The cleaning jobs become perfect when you hire an expert to do it. It might seem to be an additional cost; however, the outcome would be magnificent. A skilled and experienced professional is bound to yield better results than an unprofessional. They would leave no stones unturned to clean every stain on your sofa set. They have the required knowledge and know-how to apply fabric protectors without altering the look of the underneath fabric.

When you have moved into a new house, you can always get a sofa and beds on rent to save some money. However, you should learn how to maintain them to retain the good looks. When your sofa gets a liquid spill, make sure to clean it up as soon as possible.