Helpful Tips to Improve Your Employer Branding in 2022

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Whether it is intentional or not, your company has created an employer brand, reflecting the reputation you hold with potential applicants and key stakeholders. With this being said, it is becoming increasingly important to uphold a professional, authentic image of your company, utilizing successful employer branding strategies to help you out. 

There is no wrong way to create an employer brand, leaving many different options available to help you develop content, enhance your company culture, and showcase the values of your workplace. 

To see your company and team continue to flourish, it will be essential to create a successful employer branding strategy. By looking at reviews, analyzing your “ideal” candidates, and creating a mission statement that highlights your company’s values – you will be able to determine how your branding needs to move forward. 

With the ability to enhance your internal employer brand, improve your company benefits, take advantage of social media, invest in company culture, and be authentic on all platforms, you will have what it takes to improve your employer branding in 2022. 

Understanding the Value of Employer Branding

Employer branding can be defined as what describes an employer’s reputation as a place to work and their employee value position, which opposes the general corporate branding reputation. Instead, it focuses on attraction, engagement, and retention rates, along with initiatives that will help to enhance your employer branding. 

With an increasingly competitive job market on the rise, there has never been a better time to improve your employer branding. To find employees who are just the right fit, you will want to target driven, professional, and authentic applicants – building a team that will keep your company moving forward. 

To begin, it will be essential to define the essence of your company, its culture, and what you stand for. In other words, this is called your employer value proposition, which encompasses your values and your mission statement, ultimately giving potential candidates a reason to work for you. With a strong employer value proposition, you can maintain and attract the best job candidates possible, allowing you to set goals and re-engage your team. 

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What Will Influence a Potential Employees Decision? 

As a company, it is important to know what your applicants want and what they are looking for when applying for a job. By knowing what will influence their decision, you can make sure your company is exactly what job seekers are looking for when getting hired. 

Factors that will influence a job seeker: 

  • Strong values 
  • Company culture 
  • Location 
  • Compensation and benefits 
  • Career development potential 
  • Management style 
  • Work-life balance 
  • Job security 
  • Employee recognition 

Learning About the Current State of Your Employer Branding 

Before you can begin developing an employer branding strategy, it will be valuable to review your current tactics, learning more about what is working and what needs to improve to move forward successfully. 

Check Out Employee Reviews 

By looking at different review sites and their rankings, you can see firsthand what previous employees honestly thought about working for your company. Gather constructive feedback, utilizing surveys and questionnaires to find out what past and present employees think. 

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 

To ensure your efforts are working, it will be important to keep track of KPI metrics, learning more about what areas require improvement and what changes you can make to continue seeing your company thrive. 

Recruiting Metrics to Keep in Mind: 

  • Retention rate 
  • Application rate 
  • Source of hire 
  • Employee satisfaction 

Identify your Ideal Candidate Personas

For each new role in your company, it will be essential to develop a candidate persona, making it easier to identify an applicant that is just the right fit. 

When developing this persona, you will need to include expertise, skills, and education required, along with online presence and location. This will help you find the most influential ways to reach out to your ideal candidates, discovering what platforms will be best for recruiting. 

Create a Mission Statement 

To develop a mission statement, you will first need to analyze your company’s core values. Be sure these values align with your company culture and the vision you have for your brand. By gathering information from current employees, along with what makes your company unique yet successful, you can create a mission statement that encompasses exactly what your team is all about. 

This should be an authentic reflection of your company and your employees, giving potential candidates insight into what your company is all about before they apply. 

How to Improve Your Employer Branding in 2022: 

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Your employer branding will be essential to the success of your company, not just in 2022 but in years to come. With every endeavor you make towards improving your employer branding, you will see a difference in the applicants you receive along with who walks in your door for an interview after revamping your mission statement and making your core values known.

To get started, here are some pro tips to help improve your employer branding.  

Enhance Your Internal Employer Brand

Your employees are the #1 asset to your company. They know your brand and they have a direct impact on almost every aspect of your business. To improve your employer brand, it will be important to start within, managing your internal employer brand too. 

If you can hire the right people, while offering a clear and concise employee value proposition, your internal employer brand should remain strong. 

Invest in Your Company Culture 

With a strong company culture, it is easier to maintain employee happiness, thus developing your brand even further. By finding new, influential ways to improve and create a better experience for your employees, you can make sure the future of your company is bright. 

If you can develop an inviting, immersive, and insightful company culture, you will be on the right track towards building a team that encompasses everything your business stands for. 

By showing your employees that they are a valuable part of not only your team, but your company as a whole, you can enhance your employer brand – increasing your application, retention, and engagement rate. With a leg up in your field, you can prepare for success as you build a team of experienced, professional, and driven employees. 

Improve the Benefits Your Company Offers 

The top things that will resonate with potential employees are the salary and benefits they are offered when applying for a new job role. By highlighting the perks of getting hired by your company, you can easily boost your retention rate while engaging with new applicants. 

Benefits make all the difference, playing a critical role in not only attracting new employees but keeping them satisfied over time. 

Develop a Seamless Recruitment Strategy 

To build out your brand and uphold your company reputation, it will be helpful to create a plan that you can set into action, making it easier to recruit new employees. Even if you can’t always control every aspect of your reputation, if you can implement a strong recruitment strategy, you will be one step closer to growing your business and creating a positive workforce for your employees to be a part of. 

Take Advantage of Social Media 

When developing a successful employer brand, it will be essential to create a positive and engaging social media presence for your company. Not only will you be able to build trust and encourage interested candidates to apply, but you will be able to be transparent and open in regards to what your company is all about. 

By investing in social media tools, you can update your followers on what’s going on with your business, while showcasing the personalities that make up your workforce and the many perks that come with being a part of your company. 

To learn which social media platforms will result in the most recruiting success, it will be important to know your audience and where to find potential applicants. Whether you think Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn will be the best tools to use, your social media presence will give you an advantage when finding new employees that will fit right in with your team. 

Using Employer Branding to Enhance Your Company and Team in 2022 

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While there is no right or wrong way to create a positive employer brand for your company, it will be essential to navigating which avenue leads your business in the right direction in 2022. By implementing new strategies for recruiting, while investing in company culture along with social media, you can take the proper step to improve your employer branding. 

To create success, through your company and your employees, authenticity will be key. If you can be transparent about your company, your values, the benefits you offer, and the type of employee you are looking for, you will be one step closer towards building a workforce that can withstand the competition while guiding you towards success now and in years to come.