Helpful Tips For Organizing A Roof Pressure Cleaning Project

Let’s face it, roof cleaning is a simple process, right? It’s not rocket science. However, there are several best practices and tips of the trade to be aware of when undertaking this type of project. With this guide, we look forward to helping you understand all the aspects from start to finish, so that you can feel confident in your roof pressure cleaning organization as well as ensure your venture hits your deadline.

In regards to this factor, roof pressure cleaning may seem like a lot of fun and a great way to get things done, but it can become dangerous if you are not careful. Whether it’s a neighbour tripping on the water or your roof getting damaged, accidents happen. Cleaning the roof is fun and rewarding, but before diving headfirst, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some basic guidelines and precautions. Continue reading further till the end to have an overall better understanding!

Clear Out the Gutter:

Be sure to clear the gutter of any dried leaves or stones that may have been left on the roof before turning on the hose. Skipping this step may result in a cluttered trench, and some gutters may need help to handle the extra weight. To add insult to injury, the pressurized water can launch a stone into the air, where it could potentially strike someone.

Make Every Effort to Avoid the Use of Chemicals:

Roof pressure cleaning is exceptional because it may be done with minimal or no detergents or other cleaning chemicals. Splashing water at a high velocity makes short work of any stains or dirt. Toss your concerns about potentially dangerous chemical leaks into your garden or stormwater. Although I understand your eagerness to use chemical cleaning on those tenacious spots, please remember that this is not always required!

The Water Pressure Should Not Be Maintained at All Times:

Most people believe that increasing the pressure on the hose will result in a quicker and more thorough cleaning. However, this is rarely the case. You could damage your roof and gutter system by turning the hose’s pressure control up. If stubborn stains don’t come out, try pressing the nose of the stain cleaner closer to it rather than turning up the water pressure.

Consider the Well-being of Neighbors:

The use of high-roof pressure cleaning could result in a lot of splashes. The dirty water may create a significant problem if it combines with dirt, algae, and other particles. Be careful with the high-pressure cleaner, or you can spray your neighbours’ walls and windows, making life in the neighbourhood unpleasant for everyone.

Keep Everyone Safe:

Be careful if you’re doing any work on the roof especially roof pressure cleaning. Walking on some roofs is unsafe because they weren’t made for your weight. Always keep your feet on the pillars to ensure your safety. Goggles, gloves, work boots with adequate traction, safety harnesses, and roof anchors are all necessary items to have on hand.

How Much Does It Cost in Roof Cleaning?

The cost of roof pressure cleaning is based on how much dirt and debris you have on your roof, as well as the amount of time it will take for the cleaning process to be completed. For example, if you have a small amount of dirt and debris on your roof, but it’s been there for a long time, then it could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to clean. If you have a very large amount of dirt and debris on your roof, then the cost may be much higher than that.

The price also depends on whether or not the cleaning process involves using chemicals or not. If it does, then the price will include all materials used to perform this service as well as any associated labour costs involved with performing this work.


We hope that we have convinced you that roof pressure cleaning is a viable (and perhaps even better) alternative to traditional roof cleaning techniques. To date, roof pressure cleaning is still in its infancy, but it has already shown itself to be a very promising technology. And as time goes on and the industry grows, new applications for this technology are sure to come about.



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