Helen Schifter | The Five Main Reasons Why Social Media and Digital Marketing Is Important for Business

Helen Schifter said businesses and organizations are looking for modern technology to sell their products and services. They cannot deny the increasing importance of social media and digital marketing. In this era of technology in business, digital marketing is an asset. Through social media and digital marketing tools, you can establish a business.

About 90% of professionals suggest that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) are essential for business growth. Helen Schifter added, therefore, the below five reasons are to understand the importance of social media and digital marketing.

1.      Reaching People

The use of the internet and smart devices has increasing day by day. More and more people use smartphones, computers, tablets, etc., to get their desired information. Research and statistics show that over 7 billion users have internet access. The World Wide Web (www) has become an integral part of human life. The users find the information they like, check updates daily, and find products, services, prices, and offers they want to purchase. 

Helen Schifter said people have their social media presence to contact sellers and companies. The users can order products online. Most consumers in developed countries purchase products online. A company or a seller must have a website, social media page, or content visible online to buyers or searchers.

2.      Power of Digital Media

Globalization has increased competition among businesses and organizations. Organizations want to improve their profitability and use every new method to attract their local and international markets. To get their market share in perfect competition, the organizations and sellers invest their time and effort in social media campaigns. Social media websites offer paid advertisements that are time efficient and cover audiences from all over the world.

3.      Competitive Strength

When businesses are concerned with the international markets, customers from different countries increase the competition among the sellers. Social media and digital marketing help to attract more customers from emerging markets. Helen Schifter said Digital marketing tools provide new features to run the marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively. SEO and PPC can help to stay competitive among many other organizations.

4.      Focused Marketing Campaigns

If you want to send your message to prospective buyers, you must use digital marketing tools and techniques. In this way, the businesses can target their customers and make customized offers to attract them. Helen Schifter said using specifically, digital marketers can help their users to target their complaints and provide feedback to individuals or groups. There are different digital marketing platforms, which one do you need to choose.

5.      Monitoring System

In social media and digital marketing, people can invest their money to improve the performance of their digital marketing campaigns. People can get better results by monitoring the effectiveness of advertisements and the responses of consumers. They can track the performance and make changes accordingly.

Helen Schifter said these are the five main reasons people need to invest in social media marketing campaigns. Today, businesses need a boost through digital marketing campaigns to stay competitive in the business world.