Helal Jr. – Life, Career, Achievements

Helal Jr. who’s actual name is Helal Adham Gamil Helal. He is an Egyptian Boxer. It will be better to say that he is a boxing champion and a professional mix martial artist as well. He not only achieved a lot in boxing and mixed martial arts, but he also made an impact in a business career—his journey to reach where he is now, started when he was a 12 years old kid. On 19th December 1995, Helal Jr. took birth in the family of Adham Helal and Rania Helal. This talented young man completed his graduation in 2019.


The early life of Helal Jr.


Helal jr. used to live in Cairo in Egypt along with his family. Helal Jr. He started his career as a kickboxer in 2007 at the age of 12. In 2010 mix martial art came to Egypt. After three years of practising kickboxing, Helal switched to the mixed martial art. Helal’s cousin Ali Younis who was his best friend, a guide, and trainer all in one along with Helal Jr. Introduced bigger scales to the people living in Cairo. Before there was the Egyptian Fighting Championship, Helal and his cousin used to take part in several underground fights. Helal was doing his studies while fighting in MMA. He is so passionate about martial arts that he never had to look back after joining. He also decided that he will continue to promote physical training from an educational aspect in all around Asia.


Helal Jr.’s career


After attending Lycee Francais Du Caire College, in 2015, he went to Bristol in the UK, where he took the admission for the course of the Product design engineer. Besides the reason for completing the course, he also wanted to improve his martial art skills. He joined impact gym in Bristol to enhance his skills. Helal and his mentor Ali Younis who was also a fighter, both had a dream to be UFC champions. But in 2016, Ali Younis met with an accident in Dubai and died. The sudden death of his best friend and mentor didn’t make him weak, but he became more reliable than before. His urge to introduce mix martial arts to the world became more powerful. Ali Younis was and is the biggest inspiration for Helal Jr., and Helal says that his cousin is still the motivation factor for him.


During the recovery, he decided to migrate to Malaysia. There he joined another college for further studies. Currently, he represents Egypt in the Asian Fighting Championship, and he graduated in 2019.


Achievements of Helal Jr


  • EFC Muay Thai Champion in 2011
  • EFC MMA Bantamweight Champion in 2012
  • EMA Featherweight champion in 2014
  • TRFC Light Welterweight Champion in 2018


Ventures for business


In July 2019, Helal started his business named BXGLAB on https://www.bxglab.com/. Due to an ankle injury, Helal had to stay at home. It was difficult for him even to walk properly. That is when he decided to start a business that can provide the best equipment to boxers, not only in Malaysia but all around the world.