Healthy Life Hack in 10 Steps

Since my childhood, I have always been watching fairy tails and something that every fairy tale has in common is a perfectly healthy lifestyle.

Their dining table has always been full of exotic fruits like Rambutan, frozen berry, dry apricots,  and many more.

Do you remember the Price Adam in “Beauty and The Beast”, even when he was a beast he had this perfectly carved body and a lifestyle that all of us would adore (keeping apart the part where he scares everyone, his anger) overall the life seemed good?

So that’s a pretty simple hack, life cannot be perfect but we can take ourselves to the best version that we are.

I totally agree with the fact of accepting ourselves the way we are, we all are beautiful and magical in our own ways but what about adding a bit more magic to ourselves just by switching our lifestyle a bit.

If you want to know those simple hacks, it’s time to grab your coffee mug, sit comfortably, and listen to my voice through this article.

10 Hacks that may change your life (Style)

I am finally revealing the hacks, they are simple and you know them all, but it is time for all of us to revise the good habits that we used to follow as a kid. 

  1. Start your day with a shower- Since we are going to discuss the healthy hacks today, the best idea is to start the discussion with our first activity of the morning. Showering in the morning doesn’t only make you feel fresh but it is scientifically proven to decrease stress, increase immunity, helps skin to glow, improves blood circulation, and wash away all the toxins.

So start your morning fresh even if you have to stay at home, it’s always better to take a shower, wear fresh clothes and start your day.

  1.  Pull out your earphones while eating- Watching movies or series is a very common mistake that most of us tend to make. No doubt, eating while watching something makes us relax and enjoy the food.

But at the same time, it also makes us consume more calories. As rather than paying attention to our hunger and food we are rather consumed by the story that is going on around us.

The same happens with reading books while eating.

It also distracts us from proper chewing, does not provide complete satisfaction from the food that we consume. And you can anytime add healthy garnishes to enhance the taste and nutrient value of your products. Like you can easily get basil leaves online and add them at the top of your meals.

(I remember my mother always used to ask me to turn off the TV while eating and I can eventually go back and watch, after the meal. It all makes sense now!)

  1. Try to walk more often
    Another way of keeping your body fit is to take a short walk every time you get time. Especially if your work involves a lot of desk work. You need to pause for a while and move around.           

    Taking a short walk will help you to reduce the joint and back pain, it will increase your alertness at work and will also help in weight loss.

    A healthy lifestyle does not demand hours of sessions of HIIT but it actually asks for your little efforts that you can adapt to your daily life.
  1. Add dark chocolates to your life
    Dark chocolates are made of nutrients that positively influence your health. It is recommended to eat 25- 30 grams of dark chocolates every day. Consuming more than that may adversely affect your health. (i.e. more calories intake leading to weight gain.)

However, consuming the right amount helps provides you the bulk of nutrients at once. Dark chocolates provide you fiber, iron, magnesium, and copper. They are also known to improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure, helps the skin to glow, and have the property to cure the skin of sun rays, which could improve the functioning of the brain, and more.

More than all these reasons, something that helps me in accepting dark chocolates into my daily routine is the amount of satisfaction they provide. And their taste, it’s soo yum!

So grab one today, and eat a part of it every day, you will surely feel the difference.

  1. Look into the distance

Always be a step ahead in planning your meals, planning will help you to stay on track. You can create your menu timetable that will not only help you to keep a track of your calories but will also help you to note down the tasty and healthy options for the week.

Say I add button mushroom sandwiches (you can easily find them online, just by searching for button mushroom buy online)  as my breakfast on Monday, and move to frozen berry smoothie for Tuesday.

It’s easy and fun!

  1. Avoid drinking calories- Avoid adding calories to your drinks. You can rather choose to drink fresh juices, Fruit smoothies and you can garnish all the smoothies with cream, chocolates, and fruits.

In addition to that, you can also drink fresh lemonade that will keep you hydrated and fresh.

Sodas and alcohol-based drinks are full of calories, let swap them with the right drink for our health.

  1. Fruits as snacks and at top of your desserts

As mentioned above you can anytime make your every meal and even dessert healthier with the right choices.

You can prefer adding dried apricot to your dessert or any of your favorite fruit.

  1.  You are all water and you need that
    Stay hydrated as your body needs water to absorb nutrients, it helps in digestion, hydrated body normalizes blood pressure and protects organs and tissues.

    Water also helps in making your skin glow and makes you feel fresh from within.

  2. Workout and tone up

Working out keeps your body active, it helps in increasing your energy level and improves your skin health. Moreover exercising helps in developing a better metabolism and improving immunity.

Choose your workout pattern your way, but make sure to be consistent on any workout pattern. Adopt a lifestyle that you can go with for a longer run.

  1. An activity that makes you smile
    Think for a moment and choose any activity that makes you happy, you dont have to be perfect at that activity. You only need to enjoy that.

You can do painting, read or write, hear music or dance, no matter what you do. All you need is to enjoy the activity.

Sum Up

To sum it up, I would like to say that. Enjoy every moment of your life. Just a little healthy habit for the long run will be worth investing your time in.

So adapt to a lifestyle change.