Healthy Dishes To Fulfill Your Hunger Pangs

Hunger pangs are nothing but the feeling of irritation in the stomach. It commonly happens because of an empty stomach, but it is not the only case sometimes after 2-3 hours of having a heavy meal you may crave for food. Hunger pangs can also be defined as the sudden craving of food due to an empty stomach. Eating food can help you to fulfill your hunger pangs.

If it is not helping, you should try some other ways like taking proper sleep, water, and a balanced diet. Eating a healthy diet is an essential factor because it keeps your body fit. Food with proper nutrition and vitamins can help you to get rid of sudden hunger pangs. Here we listed some of the best healthy foods that can help you in your hunger pangs.

Top 9 Dishes to Fight Your Hunger Pangs


  • Chocolate Milk

A quick and easy way to fulfill your hunger pangs is to grab a glass of chocolate milk. Milk is always a great source of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins. You can have it anytime in the day whenever you feel hungry.


  • Oatmeal

Oats are a great source of antioxidants and various nutrition. It also has various skin benefits and also helps to reduce weight. If you consume oats with milk, then nothing can beat this, it can restrain your hunger pangs for a long time. All thanks to its beta-glucan that needs time to get digested; thus, you feel full stomach.


  • Soup

Now you may say how soup can satisfy your hunger pangs. It is true, but it can surely help to provide numerous benefits. Adding it to your daily meal can be the best you can do. Soup can help restrict regular hunger pangs. You can try various soups; explore a range from online stores like UbeEeats. You can get them at an affordable price using codes like Uber Eats promo code. Also, taking soups at night can help you to lose weight quickly.


  • Cottage Cheese

Gym goers mostly prefer it, but you can also use it as a snack. Cottage cheese is a good source of protein, especially for vegetarians. You don’t need to consume much cheese to curb your hunger; a small quantity may also work. It also helps to lose weight effectively by burning fat.


  • Boiled Egg

Everyone knows that an egg contains ample nutrients and vitamins that are essential for our body. To fight your hunger pangs, eating eggs can be the best option. It has antioxidants that help to improve your eyesight and bone health. You can consume a boiled egg by adding some spices for a better taste. It can be a good breakfast option as a single hard-boiled egg contains six grams of protein.


  • Salad

Salad can be a quick option to get rid of your hunger pains. Try eating a meal-size salad that will curb your hunger for a long time. The best thing is that they are healthy and can be consumed by anyone. You can try various veggies and fruits in a salad, and that depends on the availability of food.


  • Almonds

Almonds are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. It will help to restrict the hunger pangs. You can consume them daily, but try not to overeat it. People with sugar, diabetes, and cholesterol problems can also consume almonds; it even helps them to fight against such diseases.


  • Peanut Butter with Bread

Peanut butter with bread is quite healthy and quick food. It also aids weight loss and also lowers the risk of cancer like diseases. Some people do not like the taste of peanut butter, and you can try adding jam with it, which tastes pretty good. Peanut butter has various as it keeps your bone strong and heart-healthy. It can surely help to fight your hunger pangs for a long time.


  • Greek Yogurt

It is also similar to regular yogurt; however, it is strained to remove the water from it. The remaining thick part is nothing but the greek yogurt. It has more protein than simple yogurt. This thick whey can help you to restrict your hunger pains easily. You do not need to purchase it from anywhere; you can make it at your home with regular milk.



These are some of the best foods that you can use to curb your hunger pangs. You can even try some other quick foods like popcorn, smoothies, and others, but they will not last for long. Try including these nine healthy protein-rich and immunity foods in your diet and experience the change.

The list has some foods that are also good for pregnant women, diabetic patients, and sugar patients. Most of these foods help get rid of hunger pangs and keep your body and bones healthy.

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