Healthy Body, Mind & Soul: Four Ways To Indulge In Self-Care

Coming out of a strange year like 2020 has plenty of people contemplating on how they can take better care of their personal physical and mental health. After such a strenuous year, many people are feeling burnt out or wound up, and just as the new year approaches, it is a great time to take a moment to reflect on those feelings and how it can be turned around for personal growth. As the mind and bodywork in sync together, enhancing homeostatic balances between the two has never been more essential.

The way a person treats their mind gives way to how their body is being treated and vice versa, which is why paying attention to how you can enhance the link between them will help optimise your overall health and wellbeing. In this article, some interchangeable ideas will be discussed and how they can be incorporated into all kinds of self-care routines or combined to create a new one.

Why Rest Is Essential?

Being able to have a good rest is imperative for your body to heal and to ensure the brain has time to process information correctly and rest. It is essential for the body and mind to be able to recalibrate every night, to allow optimum physical and mental performance throughout the day. Waking up feeling well-rested and energised is essential for physical and mental wellbeing as it takes a lot of strain off of the mind in the morning, allowing for more productivity and positivity for the day.

Best Ways To Practice Self-Care At Home

Turn On The Bright Lights

Taking some time away from bright screens and lights and opting for a gentler, more calming glow from a candle to illuminate your self-care routines can be useful to focus attention on your senses. Scented candles are used effectively when practising breathing exercises or meditation as they help the body focus on scent as a grounding point to allow the mind to clear and settle. The combination of scents to relax the mind and the body is a great way to incorporate some thorough self-care in the cold winter start of 2021.

Take A Warm Bath

While most of us love to enjoy a long soak in the tub before bed, the bath is much more than just sitting in warm water; it is an experience to look forward to and enjoy. A relaxing, warming bath, especially after a long day in the (home) office, can help to ease tired and sore muscles, switch off an overworking mind and provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in some much-needed rest.

Start your soothing experience by gathering all your bathing essentials like your fluffy towel and cosy robe in one spot. Make sure to add some relaxing essentials like a bath salt or VAAY CBD bath bomb with real lavender flowers to take your ritual to another level. Your bath hour is also a perfect time to do deep breathing exercises, practise meditation, listen to relaxing music or simply zone out with a good book or magazine.

Get A Massage

Taking a moment to mindfully massage yourself or a partner has many meditative qualities that allow you to build a deeper connection between mind and body, as well as relieving tensions held in muscles that can carry over from an anxious or stressed mind. 

Arthritis sufferers can experience severe tension in the muscle around the damaged joints and be able to have access to quick pain relief with CBD products, which allows fast and effective relaxation in the muscles around the joint, which really makes a huge difference to someone’s mental, emotional and physical states. CBD also provides almost immediate relief to an aching muscle that has been pulled from exercise or helps to ease the tense, uptight shoulders that anxiety and stress can cause.

Applying oils like VAAY CBD massage oil topically is not just useful to help relax your body and unwind, but incorporating CBD into a massage routine is also an important step in releasing muscle tension. Being able to target specific pains with a CBD massage oil such as your lower back or the neck area allows the user to have control of localisation and efficiency of use for pain relief.

Pain is also a massive contributor to many people suffering from depression, and CBD is useful to not only relieve the intensity of pain but also to help enhance positive moods in individuals, which can be achieved by taking CBD oil drops sublingually (under the tongue). The combination of pain relief and mood-enhancing is a gentle way to assist people away from mental and physical anguish and to provide a clearer vision on a more active and happier lifestyle as they begin to approach new resolutions in the new year.

Make Time For Your Creative Outlets

Most of us need some form of a creative outlet from time to time, and for many, it means losing yourself completely in creating art. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to be a professional artist to colour, draw or paint. It’s all about the process, not the products or the skills. 

So, grab paper, brushes and coloured pencils or paints and canvas and find your creative flow. If you are unsure about new art experiments, you can search the internet for a stencil or try colouring in an adult colouring book to just paint and draw over. It’s a fun yet simple activity that allows you to relieve stress through art therapy and create beautiful art more easily.

Internal harmonisation is a key element to better health and better minds, so don’t let the winter blues drag you down or the cold weather cause you to curl up into a ball in winter. Make sure to prepare yourself for all challenges this year can bring with CBD in hand and dedicate some serious time to really take care of your mind and body with mindfulness, self-care activities and reflection – it will only enrich your soul and make your days a little brighter!