Healthy Bagpiping – How to Keep Your Pipebag Clean

Bagpipes are the perfect option to improve the lung capacity of your lungs and is excellent for your heart, but have you ever considered the air you’re taking in?

Controlling moisture is not only crucial to ensure a stable and reliable instrument, it can also stop the growth of pathogens. The accumulation of moisture can occur throughout the pipes, and become the perfect place for the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Since they are organic animal hide bags can be thought to be ideal breeding areas for bacteria. The moisture from the piper’s mouth or lungs builds into the bag, which causes the growth of fungi and bacteria. Bag dressings Assainissement paris may help to aid in addressing this issue but they are not able to entirely eliminate it completely. Actually, some dressings serve as mediums for culture that can be used to cultivate bacteria.

Pipe bags aren’t the only problem. The moisture can accumulate on the reeds as well as within the drones. When the piper breathes, they could inhale microbes that have accumulated within the pipes. This could cause lung infections and illnesses such as pneumonia, or even brain disorders. One of the first warning indications to look out at are issues with the ability to breathe, play or fatigue of the voice.

Modern technology has significantly decreased these problems. Artificial pipe bags and synthetic reeds, and moisture control systems are all helping in reducing the amount of moisture that builds up to keep pipes clean and free of pathogens. Synthetic bags are not able to retain moisture as hide bags do , and don’t require seasoning, which drastically reduces the possibility of bacteria and fungi to grow. Synthetic drones prevent the build-up of moisture unlike cane reeds that take in moisture. The best part is that moisture control systems have been designed specifically to decrease the amount of moisture in the bag. They come in a range of styles from a basic filter to desiccant-filled canister system. They will help ensure that your pipes are safe to play with. Make sure to maintain your pipes’ cleanliness and dry them off whenever you have the chance. A happy, healthy, and safe piping!

Ellen Hollington

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