Healthcare Fraud Attorney: Know Your Rights!

Healthcare fraud can occur in any part of the health care system but is most prevalent in hospitals and nursing homes. Healthcare fraud is committed by doctors, surgeons, hospital employees, or others who work in the medical setting. Healthcare providers, such as physicians and nurses, have been accused of fraud several times in recent years. Medical practitioners are held responsible for medical malpractice, unnecessary surgeries, doctoring errors, unnecessary tests, and other abuses. Federal and state laws often impose harsh financial penalties and sanctions against anyone found guilty of engaging in fraudulent healthcare practices.

Some of the more common penalties for engaging in health care fraud include Between one to five years in federal prison; fines; and, in some cases, loss of license to practice medicine. To obtain a fair settlement from your state’s justice department, you must retain the services of a licensed Medicare fraud lawyer. A licensed Medicare fraud attorney will work with you and your healthcare provider to determine your innocence. The health care provider may also be asked to testify under oath at a court proceeding.

Severe Consequences

To avoid prison time or other severe consequences, you should consult with a healthcare fraud attorney before proceeding with your case. A highly experienced attorney with experience representing healthcare providers will know which remedies are likely to succeed in your case. Federal and state laws are very similar across the board, but healthcare providers are frequently advised to customize their defense to survive a legal challenge. In some cases, medical professionals may be accused of medical malpractice, while in others, they may be accused of submitting inaccurate bills before billing the government for services rendered. A knowledgeable attorney on the healthcare fraud team will work diligently to ensure that your rights are protected at all costs.

Medical fraud is serious business, and if you are accused of committing the crime, you should not waste any time considering your options before the matter goes to trial. Different federal and state laws fall under this category. These laws can range from felony charges for false billing to misdemeanor charges for submitting fraudulent claims. Many of these penalties are associated with significant fines or even jail time, so you should not hesitate to consult a highly qualified criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case.

A Federal Crime

Even if you have been accused of a federal crime, there are still some circumstances where you may still be able to fight back in court. The severity of the charges often results in plea deals that keep your charges from going to trial. The most common plea bargain involves pleading guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for the reduced sentencing guidelines. Sometimes, the charges are dropped altogether, although this rarely occurs. If your state has its own rules regarding the handling of charges filed against individuals, you should always consult a competent healthcare fraud attorney to discuss your case.

Points to Consider

Whether you have already been accused or face imminent charges, you should also carefully consider your actions and the impact they will have on your ability to defend your legal case. For instance, simply contact your local police immediately when accused of any type of fraud. You may even want to file a report with your local police right away, as many fraudulent doctors often victimize other unsuspecting victims at first. Even if you find out after the fact that your actions were wrong, simply reporting the incident can help your case and it can send a message to the other medical professionals that you are trustworthy.

The most serious consequence that can occur is facing jail time. This is particularly true if you have committed the crime of healthcare fraud in a federal district. While in many cases, federal district attorneys have the authority to reduce charges if more than 20 percent of your business is involved in the crime of healthcare fraud, in some cases, this reduction is automatic. Regardless of whether you are facing fines or in some other form of penalty, it is important to remember that jail time is usually the result for those who are found guilty of these types of offenses. Jail time is often an inevitable outcome of these types of criminal charges.

If you are facing criminal charges, you should not waste any time. Contact a healthcare fraud attorney as soon as possible, so you can begin to understand what your options are. Healthcare fraud is a very serious situation that can have severe consequences. Your case is most likely to succeed if you choose to fight it in court rather than simply accept the punishment the government has put before you. Your attorney can help you understand your options & the importance of making sure you do not run afoul of the healthcare industry if you must face these charges.