Healthcare- A Privilege or A Priority

The life of every human being, if bound by time and healthcare, is a tool which adds years to that time. Healthcare is a basic human right that every individual deserves and there must be no human being that should stay deprived of it. However, the disparity between the rich and the poor makes an impression that healthcare is limited to the privileged class only. A large part of population in India is in rural areas where residents do not have access to proper healthcare facilities. 

There are plenty of challenges faced by healthcare in rural India that demands attention and dedicated efforts. Healthcare NGO in Mohali, Punjab is aware about the vulnerabilities faced by rural population in getting access to the care they deserve. This blog sheds light on the important role of non-governmental organizations in the healthcare industry.

Here is the need for Healthcare NGO in Mohali:

Significance of Health and Healthcare:

Health is greatly related to the concept of wellness. Usually, people are of the impression that to be healthy is to be free from diseases. However, health is not limited to just that. It is a union of two elements, emotional and physical well-being. Health is indeed a wealth which helps in living a stress-free and active life. Healthcare on the other hand has the ability to improve the condition of the human body by preventing diseases and giving proper diagnosis and treatment. This will improve the overall quality of life and increase life expectancy as well. 

Healthcare NGO in Mohali, Punjab understands the significance of health and healthcare in those sections of society where people have less means of living. Moreover, NGOs are constantly extending their support towards the cause of healthcare.

Collapsing Healthcare System:

Healthcare is facing numerous challenges in rural areas. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of infrastructure in the field of health. Around 72% of the population live in rural areas but only 25% of people have access to quality infrastructure. The absence of qualified medical professionals, basic medicines and medical facilities only add to this problem. Even though there are different policies run by the government, the number of Primary Healthcare Centers in rural areas is limited. Not just this, there are large number of maternity deaths and infant mortality rates.

Insufficient doctors, medical staff, technicians or pharmacists is clearly causing a collapsing healthcare system. Considering the situation, there is a need for an effective and efficient healthcare system that reaches disadvantaged corners of society.

Improvement in Healthcare:

Even after so many drawbacks there is room for improvement in the healthcare sector. Upgradation of Healthcare is dependent on understanding the issues faced by rural population. It is evident that there is an inadequate supply of healthcare services but people from rural areas have to deal with other problems as well. These problems are financial instability, lack of transportation, difficulty in communication, lack of trust and confidence in receiving quality medical care. 

Healthcare NGO in Mohali is devoted towards working on these issues. The NGO takes absolute measures to address negligence areas and make corrective efforts.

Spreading Awareness:

The health literacy in rural areas is almost negligible due to high rate of poverty and low rate of literacy. Residents are unaware about various government facilities and policies targeted specifically to provide financial aid in case of health emergencies. There is also no awareness regarding health insurance and specialized healthcare.

Healthcare NGOs identify these vulnerabilities and act as a bridge that creates and spreads awareness about the options available to the rural population.


The ultimate goal of life is to be healthier and fit. Healthcare organizations and professionals help us in achieving this goal to sustain a longer life. However, there are people who do not have access to quality healthcare. Everyone deserves a chance to live a lengthy life and therefore it is our collective responsibility to address the lack of proper healthcare in rural areas.

Lovely Foundation is a Healthcare NGO in Mohali, Punjab committed towards the well-being of society. It recognizes the significance of health, healthcare and understands that the collapsing system needs immediate attention.

Lovely Foundation is tirelessly working towards spreading awareness through its campaigns and extending financial aid to those in need so that no one has difficulty seeking help.