Health Hazards of Chloramine in Drinking Water

A study reports that “One in five Americans drinks water disinfected with chloramine, a technology that has been in use since the early decades of the 20th century”.

What is Chloramine?

Chloramine is basically Chlorine & Amoina that’s added together for processing your water to disinfect it. It has gained popularity with a number of municipalities in the USA for the fact that Chloramine is less volatile so residuals last a lot longer than Chlorine (which municipalities have been using for years for disinfecting water). It ensures that all the areas of the water distribution are properly disinfected.

However, it seems to be more hazardous than chlorine. A study reports that the disinfection byproducts (DBPs) created from the use of chloramine are much more toxic than the DBPs of chlorine. These new nitrogen-containing DBPs are currently not regulated by the EPA.

Unfortunately, Chlomanines have not been tested as extensively, but those individuals with extreme rashes and breathing problems know the answer without a study. Many people have reported that stopping exposure to chloramines led to a dramatic improvement in health conditions within days that further removes doubts.

The following are some health hazards reported, caused by exposure to Chloramine.

Extremely severe skin rashes

Burning eyes

Swollen eyes

Raspy throat

Peeling fingernails

Stomach aches

Yeast infection

Dry skin

Scaling skin

Erupting, oozing skin

Skin described as having chemical burns

Skin outbreak ‘like hives’

Swollen ears

Extreme fatigue

Hacking coughs


Nasal congestion

Itchy eyes

Ammonia toxicity from consumption, especially for those with liver, kidney or urea cycle diseases.

What’s even worse?

Chlorine is very easy to remove from tap water.

Chloramine, on the other hand, is much harder to filter, and most big-name water filters are not designed to remove it.

What to do now?

Besides manufacturers toting flop gadgets in the name of water filters that claim to eliminate up to 99% off nasty containments from water, there are companies that are actually selling technology that really eliminates Chloramine from water. Such as “The OnliSoft Pro Whole House Water Conditioner” from RKIN (formerly PuricomUSA).

Check out the key features below:

Transforms ordinary tap water into filtered, healthy spring-like water throughout the entire home.

Filters sediment, chlorine, and other disinfection by-products.

Protects appliances and plumbing from harmful hardness build-up.

NSF certified components.

Eliminates 95% off Chlorine & Chloramine.

Perfect for single-family homes with up to 7+ bathrooms.

1 Year Money-Back Guarantee.

Lifetime Warranty on Tanks and Parts*.

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