Health card: A single solution for all your medical expenses

Medical inflation in India is almost double that of the overall inflation rate. This shows that with each passing year, it is becoming ever more difficult for individuals to afford quality treatment and healthcare. 

Thankfully, with the introduction of useful financial products, such as the health EMI network card, money no longer becomes an issue in your time of need. With a health card in your pocket, you can afford quality treatment at the best medical centres across India. 

What is a health EMI network card?

A health card is a specialised financial product that guarantees cashless treatment at reputed healthcare centres in India. Cardholders can freely avail treatment without worrying about money or the lack thereof. Once treatment is complete, the cardholder can start repaying the treatment expenses in the form of equated monthly instalments or EMIs.

Such a card comes bearing several facilities and features, including the following – 

  • Coverage for the entire family

A single health card serves the entire family’s medical needs. Therefore, if you own such a card, your parents, spouse and children can avail its benefits as well. Thus, one does not need to opt for a separate card in each family member’s name. 

  • Converting hefty bills into manageable EMIs

During a medical emergency, you may have to arrange the complete cost of treatment at once. Being able to bear such a substantial sum can be challenging, especially during such an unfortunate time. 

A health card, though, allows an individual to settle all his immediate dues at the hospital without undertaking an immense financial burden. Once the immediate situation passes, cardholders can slowly arrange the necessary sums to pay off the debt through reasonable EMIs. Doing so restricts financial strain significantly.

  • Pan India usage

Regardless of where you are in the country when a medical need arises, a health card can be of use nonetheless. Health cards like the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card come with pan India coverage, ensuring that you receive financial support at any time and anywhere. Apart from regular hospitals, such a card is also an acceptable form of payment at fitness centres, dental clinics, pharmacies and other healthcare outlets.

  • Easy application procedure and instant approval

Health card online applications hardly take any time to complete. Furthermore, only existing Bajaj EMI Network card members can avail this medical card. Therefore, you do not need to furnish any documents to complete its application process. 

Just like the streamlined application procedure, the NBFC also follows an accelerated approval procedure for this card. Cardholders do not need to wait after approval, as it is a digital card. Therefore, one can begin paying for medical liabilities within minutes of card approval.

  • Attractive pre-approved limit on such a card

Health card limit depends on your eligibility and other factors. Nevertheless, eligible applicants can look forward to a maximum limit of up to Rs.4 lakh. Such a considerable sum is often sufficient in dealing with the expenses of most common disorders. Generally, this health card comes with a limit, which is equal to four times the limit on a cardholder’s regular EMI network card.

  • Attractive discounts and offers in partner pharmacies

When a cardholder visits one of the health card partner outlets, he/she can avail attractive discounts. Such outlets can include pharmacies, diagnostic centres and pathology labs as well. Therefore, to maximise your savings, learn all about these partner stores and visit these outlets whenever in need of healthcare services.

  • Wide range of supported treatments and procedures

A health card supports most of the medical procedures, if not all. The list includes bariatric surgery, maternity care, plastic surgery, ENT treatments, gynaecology, urology, ophthalmology, IVF procedures, stem-cell treatment, orthopaedics and much more. One can even undergo hair transplant surgery, homoeopathy treatments and slimming procedures with the help of this card.

  • Nominal joining fee 

The joining fee is just Rs.589, while you need to pay an additional Rs.119 for instant activation of the same. The card itself is affordable enough for almost anyone to avail it when necessary. 

  • Flexible repayment tenor

The health card comes with a flexible period for repayment. Cardholders can opt for a tenor of up to 24 months to clear their dues. This prolonged repayment term can severely reduce EMI burdens, offering greater financial freedom to a cardholder. 

Thus, a single card can handle all your medical needs, making sure that your savings remain secure even during unforeseen medical expenses. Furthermore, with the ability to delay immediate liability, cardholders can limit financial strain from such emergencies. Without any delay, apply for a health card today!

Shailendra Kumar

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