Headline: How Small Businesses Can Prevent Their Instagram from Being Hacked

As a small business having your Instagram can be one of the scariest things that could happen to you. Reason being that it could negatively affect your business and its income. Many small businesses generate their sales and leads through the use of Instagram. 

Social media incorporates a massive portion of promoting a small business. All the hard work a business has put into their social media can disappear in an instance should their account be hacked. We spoke to a professional IT managed services provider who advised us that any business should make the security of their social media a top priority. Being hacked can be a nightmare because your Instagram account can now have inappropriate content being posted. Should this happen, it would mean that your account could get deleted and leave you starting from scratch again. Of course, no one wants this to happen to their business. That is why we have put together a few business tactics that could be implemented to protect your social media accounts like Instagram. 

Strong Login Information

From the very beginning of creating a social media account you need to ensure that the account login information is strong, secure, and backed up. This begins with making sure the passwords you set are strong and cannot be easily guessed. People who work in the London IT services industry know exactly how important it is to have a secure password which is why they strongly advise you to not have any weak passwords because you would be at a high risk of being hacked. 

Secure Email Account 

Your email account is probably the most important account you have, reason being that your Instagram and many other accounts are all linked to your email account. If a hacker gets access to your email, they basically have access to all your other accounts. So, with this in mind the use of two factor authentication or email encryption would be a great idea. These strategies easily deter hackers from trying anything. Companies who provide IT support and service Solutions recommend two factor authentication and email encryption to all their clients as they are experts at protecting confidential data. 

Private Wi-Fi Networks  

When managing a small businesses social media channel, you should always use a private Wi-Fi network. Private Wi-Fi networks are password protected where public Wi-Fi networks are not. What may come as a surprise is that hackers create multiple fake Wi-Fi networks to steal user’s information. Any small business should invest in their own Wi-Fi when starting out so that they can avoid any unnecessary risks. 


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